Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year, New Tricks

Shine bright like a bottom!

Happy New Year, lovers and pups! 2013 is going to be one hell of a year and I don't know about y'all but I am more than ready to sit on and take it whole! Not that last year wasn't loads of fun - I mean, I did get flogged and face fucked at the Black Party Expo, won the Pie Hole Eating Contest at Folsom Street East, and pounded relentlessly onstage at HustlaBall New York - but I'm prepared to do whatever it takes to make this year my bitch!

I clearly have a huge boner for Nasty Pig gear.

I learned a lot of things last year: Nasty Pig is my brand of choice (OINK!), breathing techniques help in and out of the bedroom, guys love to pull on my shaggy hair, and I need to fire the woman who cleans up my eyebrows because she mistakes "get rid of my unibrow" for "make me look like a fierce drag queen." A few very talented tops were also able to help me find my prostate which I am now trying to relocate and hide from them because they take advantage of it by making me cum several times during a session. It's my kryptonite.

I've always thought double-penetration was fucking hot but never thought I would be able to take two cocks in my tight hole. While poppers help loosen up a bottom, I'd prefer to do it au naturale - no pain, no gain, right? The Best Friend first discovered my potential to get DP'd when we were fucking earlier this year. He slowly massaged my hole with his cock and slipped in a finger, then two, and, upon reaching three, noted how much I loved it. Taking a few larger cocks since then my tops have been fantasizing and suggesting getting another guy in on the action. So, who wants to be the first two guys to pop my DP cherry?
I can't wait to be back at Folsom Street East this year and hopefully make it to San Francisco, too!
Black Party Expo last year was my first real taste of kink onstage. I was originally hired to be eye candy and go go dancing at the RentBoy booth, any extracurricular activities outside of that were of my own trouble making. I guess you can say I'm a bit of an exhibitionist because go go dancing transpired into getting eaten out by the three bears on a stage, unsuspecting but thoroughly willing patrons with bondage tape, getting flogged by a dungeon master, mummified, and forced to swallow a huge cock as someone took me from behind. What? I'm just your typical boy next door... with a kinky edge.
Folsom Street East came around and, while Kennedy wasn't there to put a smile on my face, I made do with the line of leather daddies before me. Clad in a chain harness, my signature Nasty Pig jockstrap, and the latest Black Party gear, I made my way backstage to get ready for the Pie Hole Eating Contest. My partner, Shafiq, warned me to hold on to the haystack for dear life as he was about to give me the rim job of my life. I definitely rate it high up there and the audience definitely loved the show we put on since we won!
New York City boys really do it best!
By the time HustlaBall New York rolled around I became more of a familiar face in the scene and industry and was asked to be a performer. Meeting the other guys that day made me horny with excitement for the night ahead of us, all that was left to do was gear up and go! Making the rounds, we were interviewed by Mr. Pam and Sister Roma on the red carpet, fooled around in the dressing room, and was the pass around bottom for a few porn stars. I've connected with a few porn studios but need to learn to balance a life in porn with my career in the ballet. Oh yeah, if y'all weren't already aware - I'm a professional ballet and contemporary dancer. I'm currently renegotiating the terms of my contract so that I'm able to have my cake and eat it, too. You can't blame a boy for trying, right? In the meantime I'm just booking photo shoots and go go dancing gigs so be sure to look out for me onstage, both on a pole and Lincoln Center!
Please go to my ad page (, scroll down, and submit your vote for my nominations!
While we're at it I'm continuing to campaign for my nomination at this year's Hookies Awards in March. I'm aiming to win Best Newcomer but since y'all are able to nominate me for up to three categories I'd be more than giddy with honor if I was also nominated for Best Dancer and Best Website/Social Media. Y'all can cast your nomination votes until the 15th of February after which the top five of each category go on to be voted for as the winner! So help an aspiring porn star out and go to my RentBoy page to nominate me!

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