Monday, July 16, 2012

Folsom Street East 2012

The RentBoys modeling the latest Black Party accessories.

I worked together with RentBoy and The Saint At Large at this year's Folsom Street East here in New York City to model the latest Black Party accessories at our Trunk Show. We had everything from samurai-inspired gear, a plethora of jockstraps in different styles, headdresses, cuffs, and harnesses. I sported a dragon-skin armguard and headdress from the Black Party, my favorite NastyPig jockstrap, and a homemade chain harness from Home Depot with an attached padlock. The four-number lock combination was written on my ass for any lucky man to find and utilize, though a few passerby mistook it for a counter. I'm still in the triple digits, men, but please feel free to change that!

The bottoms spread out, asses up, and ready for the Pie Hole Eating Contest.

One of the biggest exhibitions at the street fair is the annual Pie Hole Eating Contest in which an assortment of bottoms are lined up with their asses to the crowd while their tops slam a cream-filled pie on their bums and clean them out. The winner is left for the crowd to decide, based on performance, vigor, and just how clean the bottom's ass is of pie at the end.

Check out this video of the contest from XTube user serge496. Many thanks for getting the shot from our angle, love!
My top, Shafiq, and I were in it to win it.
My top, Shafiq, had laid out a game plan to ensure our clean victory backstage. It was my responsibility not to pass out in ecstasy and to hold on to the haystack for dear life. I have to admit that was the best rim job I've had yet. Oh, and the banana cream pie he ate off was finger-licking good!
Say hello to the winners of the Folsom Street East Pie Hole Eating Contest 2012!
After quite the performance we were crowned the victors of the contest. If you weren't able to make it out to Folsom Street East this year, I hope I gave you a few reasons to attend next year! You can always check out Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco this year on Sunday the 23rd of September 2012. View more pictures from this year's event here.

Photo credit: Peter Lau

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