Monday, March 26, 2012

Black Party Expo 2012

This past weekend marked the 32nd consecutive season of the Black Party in New York City, presented by The Saint at Large. The exposition showcases several vendors, adult entertainers, performers, and artists of the nightlife and adult entertainment industries in a gorgeous venue where they can drink, party, shop, and drool over hot men.

I've been part of the leather and BDSM scene for the last five years but have never attended a party of this magnitude and only considered it after participating in Folsom Street East for the first time last summer. The fact that Folsom Street East falls on Fathers' Day is more than thoroughly appropriate - we know how to celebrate our daddies!

Happy Fathers' Day from Eli, Kennedy, and Master Brian (Folsom Street East 2011)!

Folsom Street East, for those of y'all who don't know is a non-profit organization based in New York City that produces fundraising events and serves the leather, fetish, and kink community as well as the LGBT and greater New York City community. Their biggest event is the street festival during the summer which is the largest outdoor fetish street festival on the east coast, bringing together hundreds if not thousands of people to celebrate sexual diversity and expression.

I had an idea of what to expect for my first time but had nothing to wear as I had left my equipment stashed away in the west coast, so I figured I'd gear up upon arrival. After receiving a yellow jockstrap, I made my way to a booth, found myself a master, and proceeded with my initiation (pictured above). Go big or go home, right? We put on a knot tying exhibition where he tied me up, pinned me down, clipped my chest and nipples with bondage pins, and smacked me around a bit. Welcome to the club.

Folsom Street Fair | 25 September 2011

Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco takes place later in the fall, on the last Sunday of September. Unlike our street fair here in New York City, the San Francisco street fair is much larger and more diverse. Folsom Street East is a lot more gay, with most of our attendees, exhibitors, and performers being gay men whereas our west coast counterpart will have many more women and queers from all walks of life in attendance and participation.

I highly recommend coming out to play at either or both of these events if you'd like a taste of the experience - remember that voyeurism is participation, too! Mark your calendars! Folsom Street East will take place Sunday, the 17th of June 2012, with NYC Pride from the 16th through 24th of June. Folsom Street Fair in SF will be on the 23rd of September 2012.

Black Party Expo 2011 (via TheSaintAtLarge)

I worked as a performer and exhibitor at this year's Black Party Expo at the Roseland Theater in New York City. I decided to rock my signature yellow Nasty Pig jockstrap and a pair of Levi high tops for the day, got up on a booth, and started dancing. It wasn't long before I had captured a few admirers that a roller coaster of performances, exhibitions, and shows were put on. I was glad we were right next to the CockyBoys booth and was able to see some familiar faces smiling and cheering me on.

It was definitely one of the best parties I had the privilege to work. How many people can legitimately say they love their job? I traveled via Bear-lifts, tied people up with bondage tape, was mummified, whipped, and flogged, and shook a tail feather or two. My ballet instructors and mentors previously told me to keep my dance career in mind when working the event, but what was I to do - prevent every camera and phone from recording me? What can I say? I'm a huge exhibitionist. Upon finishing the day off my friend Jason applauded me on a job well done, "Congratulations. You are now a porn star.

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