Friday, July 20, 2012

Guys with iPhones

It's safe to say I am, more often than not, an exhibitionist. Guys with iPhones is a great website for shameless bastards like myself who aren't afraid to show a little skin while displaying our technological dominance and boojie-ness with our iPhones in the picture. It's always fun seeing the kinds of pictures the guys upload onto the site ranging from odd costumes, shirtless and underwear pictures, to junk shots, even porn stars and celebrities.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Online "Dating" and You

We, as gay men, have such awesome control of our sexual escapades (or as I like to fondly refer to them - our sexcapades) that we have a responsibility, not only to ourselves but to those with whom we meet, to communicate our needs and wants... in bed. There's a lot to be said about online encounters and the etiquette behind them, but for now we'll start with the basics. Two important elements in any relationship, whether it be with a random hookup, friend with benefits, or partner, are honesty and communication.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New XTube Gallery: Adventures on PhotoBooth

Once upon a time I had an XTube channel which featured videos of me and past lovers but due to hilariously unfortunate circumstances (which I'll recount later) I took it down only to discover that the account was irrecoverable upon its deletion. I'm hoping that the Universe will return them back to me since once something is uploaded onto the Internet it is never completely gone. I recently opened a new account which has a few galleries open, the newest of which are pictures of my Adventures on PhotoBooth.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Folsom Street East 2012

The RentBoys modeling the latest Black Party accessories.

I worked together with RentBoy and The Saint At Large at this year's Folsom Street East here in New York City to model the latest Black Party accessories at our Trunk Show. We had everything from samurai-inspired gear, a plethora of jockstraps in different styles, headdresses, cuffs, and harnesses. I sported a dragon-skin armguard and headdress from the Black Party, my favorite NastyPig jockstrap, and a homemade chain harness from Home Depot with an attached padlock. The four-number lock combination was written on my ass for any lucky man to find and utilize, though a few passerby mistook it for a counter. I'm still in the triple digits, men, but please feel free to change that!