Friday, July 20, 2012

Guys with iPhones

It's safe to say I am, more often than not, an exhibitionist. Guys with iPhones is a great website for shameless bastards like myself who aren't afraid to show a little skin while displaying our technological dominance and boojie-ness with our iPhones in the picture. It's always fun seeing the kinds of pictures the guys upload onto the site ranging from odd costumes, shirtless and underwear pictures, to junk shots, even porn stars and celebrities.

I posted quite a few scandalous pictures about two years ago and just started throwing a few more pictures up this year, most of which are just shirtless or underwear pictures. I may have posted a few cum shots here and there but have yet to post a full nude, back or frontal. Stay tuned and you may just see a few of those pictures floating around this blog or GWIP.

I do have to say the likes and comments are a nice, little ego boost - not to mention a good indicator of whether I should make a specific photo my profile picture for one of the few online profiles I have up.

You should have seen the change in your facial expression from a laugh to complete mesmerization.

A great parody of Guys with iPhones I came across was Guys with Fries, a Tumblr blog which has some of the men of GWIP with McDonald's french fries photoshopped in place of their iPhones. I'm still waiting for the day when one of my pictures is photoshopped and uploaded onto the blog, but until then I recommend checking it out for a few laughs.

The studly David is my current favorite on the website, even being featured in the Hall of Fame. He's got a gorgeous smile, equally hot body, and - oh, and did I mention he's also a fellow Nasty Pig? OINK!

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