Monday, September 9, 2013

7 Days with Eli: Mondaze

This is what happens every time Rafael and I run into each other on our block.

My days don't really begin until I get off work at 6PM and actually become a real person, but by that point I'm so tired that all I want to do is go to the gym, wank one out, and go to bed. I don't really like to go out and party like other twenty-somethings in New York City who get plastered at a club and dance shirtless with a horde of sweaty bodies, find their soul mate from across the crowded room, and make out until they wake up next to each other the next morning not knowing the other's name. I may be generalizing a population of my... I guess we can call them "peers," but what I'm trying to say is that I'm more of a homebody who prefers lively piano and dive bars to the thumpa thumpa of a megaclub when going out for a night with the boys.

Who doesn't love Sunday Beer Blast at The Eagle NYC?

Mind you, I DO enjoy the occasional trek to a club and have loads of fun when I'm hired for parties and events to go-go dance or performing on a stage - but I like being able to actually hear the person with whom I came to the venue and socialize than lose my voice trying to communicate with them over a deafening sound system. The other big factor in me not going out to those venues as much is because I'm an expensive drinker in that it takes me quite a few cocktails to feel the buzz, ignore the annoying assholes, and enjoy myself. I'll take Flaming Saddles over a dance club any day!

You can only guess where I was last night, then. Shortly after meeting an adorable ballet dancer named Ezra last night. He already had me with the platinum blond hair, fantastic turnout, and tight little body, but when he introduced himself to me I couldn't help but think of how big a Matzo Queen I am. This morning on my way to work I was stopped by a cute guy who I noticed had smiled at me upon my entrance in the subway car. "Excuse me, are you a dancer? I couldn't help but notice your footwork earlier (yes, I'm that asshole who stands in the corner of the subway car and sometimes drifts off into a short ballet exercise)." He proceeded to tell me that he's a modern dancer from Los Angeles who would very much like to pick my brain about the dance scene here on the East Coast and asked if I'd like to do lunch or drinks sometime this week. How could I refuse? He had a gorgeous smile, the balls to come up to me first, and his name was Ezra.

Get your tickets HERE!

We here at the RentBoy offices are finally gearing up for HustlaBall New York on Sunday, October 13th so my day has been full of cock and ass. I've been reaching out to performers like Bravo Delta, Ryan Rose, and Leo Forte to confirm their involvement this year. I mean, come on - who wouldn't want a piece of any one or all of them? I've been balls deep inside Twitter all day (as I usually am - so if you're not following me, you really should) and discovered a few things like the fact that Ty Roderick is in town until Wednesday but will be returning in a few short weeks, Slate Steele will unfortunately not be able to visit me any time soon, and Kennedy Carter is making a return to porn!
As my work day comes to a close, I'm hoping that small piece of insight into a typical Monday workday for me sheds a bit of light on the mystery behind what I do between tweets. It's mostly Grindr, blogging on RentBoy, looking at cocks on my screen, editing advertisement content, picking my nose... all of which are truly exciting things. Tonight I'll be hitting the gym for back and biceps day before meeting with a client. If y'all haven't already and need a good read, my dear friend JP Barnaby just released the first book in her Working Boys series: Charlie, Rentboy which is inspired by little old me and features Max Carter and Max Ryder of CockyBoys on the cover!

You can get your copy of the book here:

Oh, and don't forget to save the date for HustlaBall New York 2013 over Columbus Day weekend! The early bird special is out so go and buy your tickets today!

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