Friday, September 13, 2013

7 Days with Eli: It's Finally Friday!

My roommate, Jason, hates it when I say this but: Thank GOD it's Friday! This has been quite the long week but now with the weekend almost upon me, I'm excited to announce that Hustlaball New York 2013 is officially in full gear as we set up one of the hottest parties of the year. I've been working with Christopher Daniels to recruit porn stars who will be in town for Columbus Day weekend and are wanting to perform with us onstage and we have over thirty hot guys confirmed for the big day! If you haven't already purchased your tickets, be sure to do so now to catch the early bird special!

Ryan Rose and I will be serving up some hot action at this year's HustlaBall New York 2013!

While I cannot yet reveal the full lineup of DJs and performers, mostly because we've yet to confirm everyone's involvement, y'all probably know some of the guys who will be in town and ready to get down and dirty since we've been tweeting about it nonstop. Instead of getting way ahead of myself, I'm going to continue requesting that Bravo Delta, Ty Roderick, Steven Ponce, and other guys I want to plow on and offstage to save the date and make their way over to New York City!

I'm putting all of that on the back burners this weekend though to partake in my friends' annual Christopher Street Bar Crawl. We hit up several bars along the West Village donning shirts scribbled on by our friends, with funny notes, drawings, and tick marks representing the number of drinks we've had throughout the night. We spend one hour at each bar, with referees rewarding us points based on our purchased drink, and a winner is crowned at the end of the night for having the most points. I may be a heavyweight drinker, but I'd prefer not to be dead and dying for all of Saturday. My goal this year is to match accumulate twenty-one points. Let's see if I make it to that this year!

With three hours left in the work day I'll be continuing on getting Hustlaball New York set up, queuing blog posts for the weekend, and editing my website design and layout. It's a very technically-driven day with Adobe Photoshop, HTML and CSS coding, and web design template building. If y'all have any recommendations for a web design layout I would be more than appreciative. I've been told to check out Wix, but if you know of any better websites out there please let me know! TGIF!

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