Wednesday, September 18, 2013

There's a Pounding in My Head

I'm pretty sure I was hit by a bike, car, or dragon.

...but wait, isn't there supposed to be a stranger in my bed as well? Last Friday night really was a blur; a painful, scratched up, messy blur which resulted in the cuts and bruises (seen above) of which I still have no idea how I acquired. It was a fun, night though, from what I can remember. We started off at Rock Bar on Christopher Street in the West Village and by the third bar I began to knock back shots as if my life depended on it. Mind you, I was only aiming for twenty one points but I'm sure I would have accrued more if I wasn't such a drunk mess that I forgot to go to the referees each time I purchased another cocktail.

I went out and bought my white v-neck shirt earlier in the day and made the very wise decision not to eat lunch. By the time the bar crawl rolled around, the last thing I had eaten was a bagel earlier in the morning, so I was in for a grand time. Tradition serves that each participant wear a white shirt at the beginning of the bar crawl which, as we travel from each bar, is decorated by the points granted by referees for each purchased alcoholic beverage, doodles, and the nickname given to you for the night by one of your friends. This year I was dubbed "Sticky Rice" for my unwavering love for other Asian men. Seriously though - on top of being a huge Matzo Queen, I am an even bigger Rice Queen!

I'm a big fan of meeting new people and that's just what happened this night. My friends, with whom I usually attend this annual event, poorly planned a birthday party for the same day so the majority of them were off watching the birthday boy blow candles instead of puking in the streets of the West Village. Fortunately for me, booze brings people closer together and I didn't have a difficult time making new friends and acquaintances with my charm, wit, and Sharpie pen with which I lovingly tagged several men... and thus #iTaggedEli came into being!

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