Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 Black Party at Roseland Ballroom

I am still recovering from Black Party weekend last week, y'all! I went straight home after the Black Party Expo ended and was able to get a two hour nap in before I had to return to Roseland Ballroom for hair and make up for the opening performance. I showed up and saw my name at the top of the make up schedule: ELI LEWIS - TRANNY. When notified of my role as the lead tranny hooker giving blowjobs to several porn stars in the lobby I thought other would join me in drag but apparently I was going to be flying solo.

Look, ma! I'm a (not-so) real girl!

I have to give a big shout out to my hair, make up, and costume design team for turning me out into one fierce queen that night! As several of my friends, and a few of the other performers noted, the role suited me well since I'm, as my best friend likes to call it, "pretty like a bitch." It took all of two hours for the full transformation to be completed during which time everyone poked their heads in to watch the magic unfold.

My mother was quite impressed, exclaiming, "Wow! She's gorgeous - who is she?" upon receiving the pictures I sent her. It wasn't until the next morning that I receive a follow up text reading, "Wait... were those pictures you? OMG that's not fair..." Aleks Buldocek poked his head into the make up room when I was on the chair getting painted up with a face that read 'we are going to destroy you onstage.' Bring it on, baby!

Leo Forte and I are fucking adorable and you know it!

My thirty-inch (not really, but it was interesting being regular human height) heels stayed remarkably comfortable during the three hours in which I had to strut around the lobby offering sexual favors to entering party-goers. Giving that many blowjobs in such a short period of time nearly gave me lockjaw, but I kept hydrated and took it like a champ. Whenever I saw any of my friends walk in I made a beeline for and relentlessly flirted with them until they realized the tranny hooker groping them through their clothes was me. It's amazing how much you can get away with when you're in drag - I made sure to pay extra attention to familiar faces I knew via Grindr and other social networking sites and took note of how many of them were so ready and willing to drop trou the moment I asked for it. What? These things are good to know!

After three hours of whoring around upstairs, like Fantine in Les Misérables, I wobbled off backstage to change out of my dress into a jockstrap, harness, and gas mask - typical Saturday night, really. Draven TorresAleks Buldocek, Leo Forte, and Doc Benway looked on in awe and amusement as I stripped off the layers of makeup to reveal the boy underneath it all, but not before we took some behind the scenes pictures and gagged over how much I actually looked like a real girl - outside of the furry chest. Even Mr. Pam walked up to and didn't recognize me at first, "Oh my God! We were just getting peed on earlier today!Austin Wolf was speechless earlier in the night as he watched me get into wig and heels, nervously laughed, and stammered, "Wow, um. Yeah, please come back to me when you're a boy again!"

I'm not a girl... not yet a woman...

As much fun as I had in heels and a dress, I was really more comfortable in my jockstrap and boots. My mother lamented how I should have spent more time playing dress up as a child instead of making clay food and eating it, but I think I'll stick to what I know. I received a lot of emails and requests to host parties in drag this last week after Black Party but, as titillating as that offer sounds, I'd make a horrible drag queen. I'd have to learn how to sew, walk on heels, and do my own make up, not to mention twerk it harder than I've ever twerked before. Hats off to every working queen, I don't know how y'all do it!

The rest of the night was pretty standard for me. I was flogged, whipped, forced down on cock, and pounded relentlessly in various positions. Again, a typical Saturday night. Some of these boys I hadn't seen in months since HustlaBall New York and Folsom Street East, so it was great being able to reconnect with them again. I met some pretty hot studs including the absolutely WOOFY Tony Buff. I think I made quite the impression on him with my love for all things kinky, so I can't wait to play with him again soon! Tie me up, sir! My body is ready!

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