Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2013 Black Party Expo at Roseland Ballroom

Black Party Expo, day 2

After quite the night of celebrations at the 2013 Hookies Awards I made sure to get plenty of fluids in me so I wouldn't wake up hungover and be able to hit the gym before the long Saturday ahead... none of that happened. Granted I didn't wake up without a hangover but exhaustion (or laziness, who knows at this point) kept me in bed until I absolutely had to get up and ready for the Black Party Expo.

Aiden Connors hopscotched over to my apartment where my roommate Jason was helping us get our hair and makeup ready for the expo. In case y'all were wondering, and to use for future reference, Aiden is really bad at taking coffee orders. Finally painted and made up, we took a taxi over to Roseland Ballroom to start clowning around.

Sex clowns AIDEN CONNORS and ELI LEWIS at the RentBoy booth

Our Harley Quinn and Joker inspired looks were obviously the product of this year's carnival theme for Black Party. I was excited to be pulling off multiple looks throughout the weekend because if I can't be versatile in bed, I might as well do so with my gear and outfits.

I first met Mr. Pam at last year's HustlaBall New York where she made sure to capture every ridiculous moment we had backstage and behind the scenes. I didn't really expect her to remember me, especially with clown makeup on, but I definitely made quite an impression this weekend being ready and eager to play anywhere from vanilla cuddle sessions to dirty, raunchy kink. OINK! I still cannot get over that fierce corset and outfit!

Two of my favorite pups, Draven Torres and Erik Rage, were also in attendance and ready to get down and play. Draven, who won the award for Best Fetish Escort, and Erik, 2013 Best Dancer, are equal parts sexy and sweet - a very dangerous combination. I was ecstatic that they both won in their categories having voted for and interviewed Erik myself, we jumped on each other upon receiving our awards. Draven and I got into a little more trouble that night at Black Party, but I'll save that for another post!

CockyBoys BRAVO DELTA and JETT BLACK lube wrestling

One thing I definitely noticed was the lack of familiar faces over at the CockyBoys booth. I was suffering from Kennedy Carter withdrawals with the only boy I knew in the group being Max Ryder. That didn't stop me from prancing over and introducing myself to the boys, even tying up new exclusive model Levi Karter with bondage tape. You're welcome, Levi - we'll get into more trouble soon enough I'm sure!

He's wearing, red, masked piss top - not yellow. Learn your color codes!

Aiden was a very good (water)sport at the RentBoy booth, being open to anything and everything that came his way. He walked up to me slightly drenched and told me he had just gotten peed on, much to his surprise. My initial reaction was to congratulate him for getting initiated into the wet and wild world of water sports but, after seeing the pictures of the scene I do have to ask what the piss top was thinking. Don't get me wrong, I wear my yellow jockstrap and handkerchief with pride, but I don't see anyone flagged as a piss bottom in the picture above. Fisting, maybe - but that's a completely different ball game.

Mr. Pam wanted to play "Redbull or Piss" with ELI LEWIS and RAFAEL ALENCAR

Rafael arrived to the expo a little late but Mr. Pam wanted to make use of our talent and chemistry in one final scene she playfully named "Redbull or Piss." Taking out two empty enema bottles, she had me get down on my knees as Rafael pissed in one bottle as she poured Redbull in the other container. The game was simple: after juggling the two about I was to guess which container contained which liquid. I'm pretty sure Rafael hadn't been preparing for this kind of scene but I was game and managed to pick out the Redbull enema.

Let's clean off the paint and piss from my face and get ready for the Black Party!

For my prize I won the Hookies Award winning film Hooker Stories by NakedSword on top of getting pissed on by Rafael regardless of whether or not I chose the right bottle. Yay for me! Closing the expo with that scene definitely got me going for the Black Party only a few hours away, but first I needed to refuel and reenergize with food and a quick nap.

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