Thursday, April 4, 2013

Interview with Christopher Daniels, Mr. International Escort of the Year

Congratulations on your new title as Mr. International Escort of the Year! I know you promised a lot of blowjobs to fans should you win this award, how many do you have left to dole out?
Like most politicians I sort of lied about that one. I mean, I've blow A LOT of guys so if you stick your dick in a glory hole in San Francisco or New York City I'm sure I will eventually get to you, but for now I need to take it easy. Black Party weekend and White Party, from which I just returned, have exhausted me and I need time to rest!
The last few weeks have also been quite the roller coaster ride for you shooting with Lucas Entertainment for the second season of Kings of New York, performing at the Black Party after the Hookies Awards, and dancing at the White Party this past week. You really must be one tired hooker, what’s next on your calendar?
You're telling me! As for whats next I am making plans for May and June. April is kind of quiet for me so I plan on spending the next few weeks editing a book I wrote last year, and at the end of the month I am taking a trip to Puerto Vallarta with my boyfriend for my birthday. In May I will be dancing at Nob Hill in San Francisco and then headed to the Grabbys in Chicago. A little birdie also told me that there's a chance that I will be attending HustlaBall London in June, but I have to wait and see.
Christopher Daniels with Mike Diamond at the 2013 Hookies Awards red carpet

Speaking of tired hooker, we loved your awards show outfit! Who designed it for you?
Thank you! The jacket was designed by my friend Jacob Muehlhausen (@JakeMuehlhausen on Twitter) who is based in Las Vegas. He is a set designer for Cirque du Soleil doing and comes up with some great stuff for me.
Has winning this award and title opened up any new doors for you? Have you been receiving more attention and calls from fans, clients, or porn studios for work?
I think it will help promote me both as an escort and porn performer. I've been receiving a lot of attention and most of it is completely unexpected and a pleasant surprise. I've also been receiving a lot of calls and emails from clients, but most them are "Hi! I live in Paris/London/Nebraska/Puerto Rico/Alaska/Poland - please let me know if you ever come here, I'd love to meet you!" They're all very sweet, but I don't see myself traveling to some of those places any time soon. As far as work in porn is concerned I've filmed a lot of content in the past few months, so I'm due for a little break but we'll see.
I certainly hope you make time to get some rest and relaxation in your thoroughly busy schedule; we have HustlaBall and Folsom coming up after all! What big event are you looking forward to the most in the coming months?
I am looking forward to attending the various Gay Pride events and will be going to Lazy Bear Weekend in northern California in August for my boyfriend's birthday. It's kind of my fantasy to be in the middle of hundreds of sweaty bears, so I am definitely looking forward to that! Folsom is also a really fun event and I'm hoping Jacob makes me something new for it.

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Photo credits: Dick Mitchell and WilsonModels

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