Tuesday, December 4, 2012

XTube, Then and Now

I've had several questions and requests regarding my videos whether professional or amateur so I'd like to take this time to announce that I... am working on it. Some of you may know that I used to have a channel on XTube where an ex-boyfriend would hold me down and face fuck me before annihilating my tight little hole. That channel has unfortunately been lost to us thanks to a few silly gays. The good thing is that once something has been put on the Internet it is never truly lost. I'm sure my videos are still out there in cyber space, it's just a matter of looking for them. What actually happened to the channel, you're wondering? Allow me to sit on your face and tell you the tale.

A few years ago one of my ex-boyfriends had the brilliant idea of filming one of our sessions for educational purposes so we turned on our laptops, set them up around the room, and went to town on each other. After a few more recording sessions we thought it'd be hot to share our experience with the general public and created an account on XTube. Much to our delighted surprise we were favorited, liked, and viewed more than we could have imagined and decided to continue producing our videos.

The channel was getting pretty popular after a string of two other partners outside of the ex-boyfriend. Watching a twink get fucked senseless by a college jock was hot, but seeing that same twink get used by a muscular older daddy, and then again by the military stud next door sent viewers reaching for tissues. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and this included all of my hot videos.

Late one night I receive an angry text message from my mother, yelling at me to take down my videos on the Internet. Panicking, I quickly logged on and deleted the channel and all of the content and frantically called my ex-boyfriend, "Holy fuck balls! I think or parents found our old XTube channel!" After sharing a mutual breakdown into hysterics he got over the initial shock and calmed me down, "Wait... exactly what happened?" Reading the text verbatim to him he told me to call her back to find out what was really going on, "Be cool and try to play it off innocently, as if you didn't know what she was talking about."

I called my mother and learned that some of her gays had mentioned seeing scandalous videos of her son online, but that she hadn't seen them herself nor had such rumours been confirmed. Sighing in relief, I lied to her and put her worries to ease saying there were no such videos and she should pay no attention to such things. I was on the phone with my ex as I logged back online to undo the deletion when I realized that it was not possible to recover a deleted account, let alone any of its content. I was devastated.

Want to find out what's in the bag? Come on over, I've got the camera rolling.

The question that bugs me to this day is why would anyone reveal such a thing to a person's parents? You're only hurting yourself, really. Unless you've saved the videos to your hard drive (which, if you did forward them my way so I can re-upload them), you're just depriving yourself of great amateur porn. I have since started up a new XTube channel under my profile EliLewis, but have yet to find any willing scene partners. That answers the second question of why I don't currently have any videos online. The guys I've been fucking, or rather - have been fucking me, have been quite camera shy.

Help a horny pig bottom out! If you or anyone you know wants a piece of this and wouldn't mind getting in front of the camera be sure to send him my way. You don't even need to show your face, there are masks and video editing for all that!

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