Thursday, December 6, 2012

At the Risk of Losing a John...

I've received many requests to discuss my experience in the sex industry and the Johns I've had during my time as a RentBoy. I mean, this blog IS called Tales of a RentBoy after all. While I love giving y'all an inside look at all the different events, shows, photo and video shoots it's a little more difficult to do that with guys who have and may continue to hire me. Discretion is of the utmost importance to me when working with any client.

Fortunately if I were to share any tale regarding a client it's easy to properly and effectively hide their identity. Pseudonyms are great, minimal descriptions are even better, but a simple retelling of the experience itself is the best way to go about it in my opinion. So, at the risk of losing this John from hiring me in the future here's the story of the time I fucked your coach.

Shortly after New York City recovered from the effects of that bitch Sandy, RentBoy had their systems back up and a flood of horny men came knock-knock-knockin' on my chamber door. After making the rounds one evening I made my way to the Financial District for my last client of the night. I was surprised to discover that my John was one of the guys with whom I had been talking on ManHunt earlier that week.

We weren't able to get together because I, like many other New Yorkers in unaffected areas, was hosting refugays at my apartment from all over the city. While I was more than appreciative of the money (and definitely in need of it at the time), he was a client who really didn't need to pay for me. Asking him why he didn't just ask to meet via ManHunt he replied, "I took your reluctance to meet as a sign that you just weren't interested. So, to cut to the chase I decided to just hire you for the night." I'm not gonna lie, that got me hard.

Making our way to his hotel room, he opened the door and wasted no time in stripping me of my clothes and throwing me on the bed. Covered in tattoos, I watched as this beast of a man plunged his tongue inside my hole lubing it up for his pleasure. He was reaching for the condom next to me when I took him by surprise and flipped him over onto his back so that I was straddling his cock between my cheeks. Slipping the condom over his thick meat, I slowly sat on it and took in every inch until he was deep inside me.

I rode him for a few minutes, taking pleasure in watching him roll his eyes back and groan in complete ecstasy. Holding my head close to his chest, he hoisted me up and then down onto my back where he took advantage of our significant size difference by holding down my squirming body. I wanted to be on top! Wrestling me into submission, he put one hand on the groove of my back and the other to hold my hands above my head. He looked down at me and smiled as he drove his cock deep into my tight hole, knocking the breath out of me.

After we both came the first time he just held me against his chest and tried to explain the mechanics and rules of American football. I told him I was more of a hockey fan. Pulling me in and kissing me, he laughed, reached over, stroked my hair, and presented another condom to me asking, "Are you ready for the second quarter?"

Photographer: Patryk Chaou

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