Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 RentBoy XXXmas Party at WestGay

Jake Steel, Sean van Sant, and myself before the festivities.

We kicked off the holiday season with our XXXmas party at WestGay at The WestWay in the West Village. We had quite the delicious lineup of guys who attended including yours truly, Jake Steel, Kennedy Carter, Vito Gallo, Tommy Defendi, Nicko Morales, and Rafael Alencar to name a few. Giving you holigay spirit realness, we were decked out in our festive gear including my jingling balls and Jake flashing everyone with his twinkling Christmas lights.

Two of my favorite boys, Jake and Kennedy!

Upon arriving to the venue I immediately tackle-hugged my favorite ginger, Kennedy Carter, as I had not seen him since he disappeared to London to continue his studies. Great cock, dashing smile, amazing tattoos, and the smarts to back it up? This boy is the complete package! Jake, sporting red and white tinsel wrapped into a bow around his crotch kept me entertained throughout the night since he wasn't wearing his contacts and could barely see while we were up onstage dancing. Luckily no one was hurt in the making of a good time!

The queens invade the party in an array of amazing looks.

Kennedy jokingly exclaimed earlier in the day how WestGay would surely turn one of us into a raging drag queen by the end of the night, "Which pornstar hookers will convert to drag under Westgay's warping influence tonight? I'm packing heels and a weave just in case..." I brought him a pair of ruby slippers just in case, but the drag queens brought their fierce looks upon arrival and had a jolly ol' time with us!

Hottie Tommy Defendi still looks damn cute even without his beard!

Thinking it was just going to be Jake, Kennedy, and myself dancing all night we started rotating which two of us would remain onstage while the other takes a break and mingles until hotties Tommy Defendi, Rafael Alencar, and Vito Gallo showed their faces and bulges to the party. Vito kept most of his clothes on and stayed at our VIP booth but luckily Rafael and Tommy stripped down and joined us onstage.

I have no idea what Tommy and I were doing at this point but the party was rockin'!

When WestGay's regular go go dancers arrived we got the chance to play among the crowd and enjoy the party before returning to the main stage. It took me about three seconds once we were back in the dressing room to realize the smooth-talking Casanova with whom I'd been dancing and grinding on earlier was Tommy Defendi... sans beard! A few of the other guys didn't recognize him at first, but you have to admit that the boy still looks damn good no matter what he has all over his face.

Let's all take a moment to appreciate Kennedy's candid ass.

Meanwhile in the upstairs dressing room shenanigans ensue as we continue to cycle through our outfits for the night, cheers with a celebratory cocktail, discuss the hot mess that is a very drunk Kirsten Dunst downstairs refusing to have her picture taken with us, and heavily pet one another since we haven't all been in the same room since HustlaBall New York earlier this year. Most of us will be here for the holigays, joined by Drake Jayden next week so y'all will probably see us wandering the streets of Chelsea looking for a place to have brunch in the coming days. Speaking of brunch, where are we doing that this weekend?

Rafael Alencar and I found out who was naughty and nice this year!

After a performance by the amazing Joey Arias, Rafael and I grabbed our bag of tricks and climbed onto the main stage to begin our RentBoy giveaway to those most deserving of presents. We brought up a few of the other boys in several forms of undress to help us hand out presents to the crowd, shoving gifts down our jockstraps and briefs for people to grab. A few very enthusiastic party-goers even left us gifts of $1s, $5s, and even $10s for our more than generous display of our candy canes.

From all of us at RentBoy, we wish you and yours a safe and wonderful holigay season!
~Eli Lewis

See more pictures on my XXXmas album!
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