Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Boyfriend

Don't I look like the sweet boy next door... who is hiding a kinky secret?

Last weekend and over Thanksgiving dinner I thought about the things for which I am truly thankful. Friends, family, loved ones, my good health - all those things definitely came to mind but something I couldn't exactly just blurt out at the dinner table was all the amazing sex I had this past year. I then compiled a list of my top five greatest sexcapades of 2012 and would love to share it with y'all. Sorry if you didn't make the cut, I just wrote down the five guys that first came to mind. Memorable experiences are great experiences, am I right?

I'll recount them based on their chronological order of appearance, starting first with The Boyfriend. We are no longer together but while we were dating sparks, along with certain bodily fluids, flew everywhere. Sex with him was both primal and emotionally charged. We were madly and passionately in love and lust for each other which made getting back to my apartment and fucking our brains out for hours that much more exciting and rewarding. We were perfectly matched like a key to its lock.

I worshiped his massive, throbbing cock with my tongue as if my life depended on it and he loved every lick, kiss, and swallow. He would gasp in ecstasy as I teased his head, kissed his pelvis, and around his shaft, and moan in pleasure as I licked his balls and buried his cock deep in my throat. Eight inches and thick, he filled up my tight hole and I loved every inch of it. A gentle but passionate lover, he held me down tight as he slid his cock inside and slowly opened me up. He increased the rhythm of his strokes with each passing second until he had me right where he wanted and began his relentless pounding.

He threw me around moving from doggy, where he was able to shove his cock even deeper inside me that I'd yelp in pleasure and surprise every time, to picking me up and pushing me against the wall where he'd lock my hands behind my back as he fucked me like a rag doll. His favorite position was missionary so he could see every expression on my face and kiss me hard and deep with each thrust. I'd push him on his back and ride his cock, clenching my hole around him and working my way up and down his shaft until his eyes rolled back and he'd grab at my hips to push me down harder.

After each hot session we would both cum so hard that we'd lay there in each others arms all hot and sticky for a few minutes until we were both ready to go again. This would usually last into the late hours of the night, and then again into the early morning, much to my roommates' annoyance. The walls of my old apartment were thin, after all, so they could hear every grunt, moan, and whimper. I cherish each and every one of our cumshots whether they were all over my chest and neck, up and down my back, down my throat, or even sometimes on my walls because we'd missed our target.

Aw, I miss that dick...

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  1. Ah, I had three like him this past year. Not all at the same time, mind you--ooh, totally a lost opportunity--and none of them were real, but that's what the imagination is for. And I've imagined so many decent scenarios that the hubby sometimes gives me a worried look when he flies in for a weekend.