Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Best Friend

I'm a good, little Nasty Pig :@] OINK!

The Best Friend I met online thanks to Adam4Adam. His muscles, gorgeous hair, and cute Southern charm had me swooning but, like all Internet encounters, I was worried that he couldn't walk the walk. The boyfriend and I were going through a rough patch but I didn't want to throw that to the wind and my legs up in the air for a new guy, so I closed my legs and waited out the storm... until we broke up, and I started slutting around like a good piggy bottom. Then one day at Flaming Saddles I looked across the bar and there he stood.

Leaning on the other side of the bar with his drink in hand, hair pushed back into a neat coif, and rocking his signature bow tie, we met eyes and he flashed a smile. I sort of expected him to make the first move and send me a drink, walk over to say hi, something. After a few minutes of waiting I ordered myself another drink and made my way over to him, introduced myself, and asked if we'd previously talked online.

We made our way to his apartment after a few more drinks and he pushed me into his bedroom. Kissing me sweetly but rough, he pushed my hair away from my face and led me down to his throbbing cock. Hands now firmly planted on the back of my head he pushed me down so I could take him deeper into my throat. He flipped me over and teased my hole with a talented tongue, sending me over the edge. I then heard the rip of a condom wrapper behind me and felt his cold, lubed-up fingers prepare my hole for his thick manhood.

We continued to hookup regularly afterward until one day we found ourselves at lunch. I looked at him from across the table and jokingly asked, "So, is this our first date?" to which he responded with a glare followed by a faint smile as he continued to look over the menu. The great thing about friends with benefits is the symbiosis between the two parties, living in perfect harmony with and apart from each other.

Gotta love my Nasty Pig jockstraps!

There were a few times when I'd be studying or working on my laptop from his apartment, started to get horny, sent him a text asking when he'd get back. Unable to wait the twenty to thirty minutes for his return I'd lay on his bed and slowly stroke my cock, edging myself until he walked through the door. I'd cum all over myself just as he got back and found me soaked, or cleaning up, which is when he'd come at me from behind or grab me and push me against a wall until I was rock hard again and ready for him to take me through a few more rounds.

We eventually got to a point where we were hanging out at different bars, seeing a show, and generally spending time with each other more with our clothes on than we did with them off. We hooked up with other people, meet up, and recount our sexcapades over drinks at happy hour. And just like that our lives had become an Icona Pop song:
Remember those times
When we used to dance in the sheets
And you told me I was unique? Yeah, yeah.
Was it night? Was it day?
Didn't care, always wanted me to stay
Bring it back to those days

Let's just do it one last time
Let me be the one to say goodbye
From lovers to friends
'Cause everybody's breaking down
Let us want to find that way around
We turn around the bend
From lovers to friends
Do I miss the sex? Oh, definitely - he didn't make this list just by virtue of being one of my besties. Well, there's always my birthday. Everything I want, I get! Can you say birthday sex?

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