Thursday, November 29, 2012

Austin and Tyler Wolf

I met Austin earlier this summer when he was a local bartender and, upon seeing him, thought to drop trou and let him use and abuse me from behind the bar, suck him off while he was making drinks, or kick everyone out, close up early, and be his bottom bitch for hours. Believe me, I thought of several scenarios for how that initial, as well as future, encounters would go. Instead I kept my piggy instincts in check, walked over, ordered a drink, and flirted with him as I undressed him with my eyes.

It didn't take long for us to exchange numbers, naked pictures, and sexts - I gave it a good two and a half hours after I left, who could ask for anything more? Due to our very hectic and thoroughly unfortunate schedules this summer we were never free at the same time. The magic of Fire Island was able to bring us together, though, and you can only imagine what kind of piggy play we got into once the stars aligned.

We'd lost each other at a house party in the Pines but soon after I received a text from him saying to meet at his house. After drunkenly (not to mention ragingly horny) wandering through the boardwalk I finally arrived at my destination, was practically carried over to his room in those wonderfully sculpted arms, and had my clothes ripped off me. He pulled me in close and passionately kissed me with soft and determined lips, which caught me completely off guard. I was surprised at how gentle of a lover he could be after all my fantasizing but smiled upon seeing a devilish grin flash across his chiseled face. Oh, boy, I was ready!

Can you handle all 6'4" of Austin Wolf? Well, just wait until he takes off his pants!

Manhandled and thrown around so that I was now face down, ass up, Austin held me down and propped my bottom up so that he had a good view of my waiting hole. Spreading my cheeks apart he went to town on me for what seemed like hours until I was lubed up and ready for his cock which twitched in anticipation against my leg. Slipping his hard cock into my tight hole, I squirmed around a little at its girth and let out a low growl as he entered me.

He then had me on top and riding him so I could get used to every inch of it. At first I thought he'd relinquished control and let me fuck myself with his huge dick until he flipped me over on my back without warning. Still throbbing inside me, he threw my legs over his shoulders and held my chest down as he began to open me up even more. Increasing the pace of each stroke he penetrated me deeper still until I let out a yelp which he managed to extinguish as he put a hand over my mouth, whispering for me to just breathe, and pounded me into the early hours of the morning.

You know you want a piece of the delicious Tyler Wolf!

A few days before HustlaBall New York last month I received a text from Austin while I was out with a few friends at happy hour with a simple message, "We are horny. Come over." Downing my gin and tonic I grabbed my jacket and headed over, horny at the thought of a session with the wolves. I arrived at his apartment, boner kept secure under my Nasty Pig jockstrap, and was led over to the bedroom where a very hard and horny Tyler Wolf waited for my eager mouth to swallow his cock whole.

Clothes still on I began to work on Tyler's dick as Austin helped me get my clothes off. Pleasuring both cocks with my wet mouth, I turned to Austin and began to slowly deepthroat him as Tyler made his way behind me pulling my ass up and arching my back for his warm tongue. They had me spitroasting with one huge cock opening up my tight hole and an even bigger monster filling up my throat. Switching positions, Austin worked his tongue deeper into my ass than I can remember anyone ever get it while Tyler held me by the face and slapped me with his dick.

They positioned me between them, Austin pounding me relentlessly on one end and Tyler trying to gag me from the other. Tyler came first, shooting strings of hot jizz down my bag and kissing Austin. Moving faster and harder, Austin was reaching his climax and began pulling all the way out of and then slamming deep back into me until he, too shot his hot load all over me. We laid there for a few minutes catching up before I had to quickly wash up and meet a John. I hadn't cum yet but that was reserved for round two, the night was young after all.

We clearly work damn well together, so keep us in mind for some hot fun!
Austin Wolf (@AUSTINWOLFF on Twitter, Austin Wolf on RentBoy)
Tyler Wolf (@TYLERWOLFFF on Twitter, Tyler Wolf on RentBoy)
Eli Lewis (@EliLewisXXX on Twitter, Eli Lewis on RentBoy)

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