Monday, September 24, 2012

Thank You, Summer 2012!

This past summer was so much fun but I'm actually glad that it's drawn to a close and we have the gorgeous autumn and winter to come! After working both the Black Party and Folsom Street East this year, taking a well-deserved trip to Italy last month, and the debauchery that ensued while on my first summer out on Fire Island, I think I'm ready for another brand of excitement! Sure, the tank tops and sleeveless shirts are going to be hibernating for the next few months but that means looking damn good in some fall and winter styles.

I want to take this time, though, to celebrate the end of the summer by showing y'all some of my latest pictures we shot at Jones Beach. I hope y'all enjoy the tan and be-speedo'd goodness! Don't worry, they'll be back again next spring and summer, provided the world doesn't actually end this year anyway.

Check out more pics from the photo shoot on our Facebook page!

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