Thursday, October 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Halloween 2012

Cosplay ninja bunny (?), Voldermort, and Elphaba

My friends and I do Halloween right. Go big or go home, and who stays home on Halloween - even if to get drunk and watch Hocus Pocus? My friend Jo-vanni (the cosplay ninja bunny) and I had originally planned to go as Glinda and Elphaba from the hit Broadway musical Wicked, but he decided last minute that mechanical cat ears and a white belt wrapped around his torso would be more entertaining, so I flew solo.

Who knew my first time in drag would be so fishy? Hide yo husbands!

Believe it or not, Halloween last year was my very first time in drag. I nearly twisted an ankle trying to walk in my four inch Dorothy heels to which my mother responded with, "You really should have practiced more in mine as a child..." Jason worked his makeup magic on me and transformed me into a gorgeous green woman. It was a brave new world, boys and girls! I made quite the convincing girl - if only I didn't look so awkward walking in heels.

Tom was an Andrew Christian unicorn centaur man...thing. I don't really know, man.

I fully support creativity, and the Halloween tradition of getting dressed up, down, or somewhere in between encourages the spark of creation to shine bright like a diamond, but certain costumes make no sense to me. I guess I don't have to understand it. Whatever your intent, I hope it's better than those who half-assedly throw on makeup, wig, and heels, and call themselves queens. You're not fierce, you're lazy. If you're going to subject your feet to a night of torture (and you better be wearing heels, because what self-respecting drag queen wear flats?) make the effort to do it up right.

Click each picture of Voldermort, Elphaba, and Undead Michael for a larger version!

We always celebrate Halloween the weekend before the actual date, this year being Saturday the 26th, and of course on the 31st. I felt like I got an inside look and experience at what it was like to be Elphaba on Broadway, donning the green makeup, and defying gravity, so if you care to find me just look to the western skies! Oh, and if you didn't notice from the pictures in this post I added a fun detail to my costume: I finally exacted my revenge on that thieving bitch, Dorothy, and retrieved what was rightfully mine. Yep, there's definitely no place like home!

I was surprised to find that many a straight man was deceived by my costume that night and actually mistook me for a female. A group of guys at a house party came up to me on the first celebratory night and asked, "Um... so, like, are you a real girl?" Well, you'll be happy to know that I actually did take home two (previously) heterosexual men on the night of Halloween, but that's a blog post for another day! Stay tuned for all of the steamy details!

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