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HustlaBall New York recap

HustlaBall New York, class of 2013

HustlaBall New York was this past Sunday, the 13th of October 2013 at Club Slake. We celebrated our fifteenth anniversary this year with a star-studded lineup of hot guys including Tommy Defendi, Rafael Alencar, Austin Wolf, Leo Forte, Tyler Wolf, Ryan Rose, Boomer Banks, Tyson Tyler, and so many more! Our pre-parties at TAGG, PentHaus, and Adonis Lounge were all a hit, and I wish I could have partied with my boys more, but I was not only the red carpet host this year, but also working on the production end with Christopher Daniels. I definitely had my share of the fun, though!

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Bravo Delta and Stevie Psyclone took over my sofa for the weekend, so they got a first-hand experience of the madness behind the scenes. I took them all across Manhattan searching for stage supplies including dildos, gallons of lube, fisting gloves, towels, you name it! After having been a performer at my first HustlaBall last year, working to produce the party was definitely an interesting inside look. I have experience producing events and shows, but never anything like this!

Tommy Defendi, Sean Van Sant, and Eli Lewis

As this year's red carpet host, I got a chance to get up close and personal with some of the stars (as if I haven't already been all up in that already). I took my time to really catch up with some of these boys as I hadn't seen some of them since the Grabbys back in May, or even Black Party in March. Stay tuned for video footage of all the interviews soon!

Tyler Wolf, Eli Lewis, and Jared Bradford LeBlanc

Austin Wolf, Eli Lewis, and Tyler Wolf

Boomer Banks and Tyson Tyler (L); Cutler X, Adam Russo, and Armond Rizzo (R)

Rafael Alencar and Eli Lewis

Christopher Daniels (L); Ethan Slade and Ryan Rose (R)

Seth Fornea (L) and Jared Bradford LeBlanc (R)

Leo Forte and Eli Lewis

Leo and I parted ways with Boomer Banks after shopping for some of the go-go dancers outfits and went on an adventure with my roommate, Jason, in Chelsea. One of Leo's acts during the show was a gory, American Horror Stories-inspired slasher act where he would suspend a bound performer above another guy on the ground, and slit his throat open. Hot, right? We thought so! It's amazing what some fake blood, stage makeup, and hidden Ziploc baggies can do!

Austin Wolf, Eli Lewis, and Tyler Wolf

After finally wrapping up the red carpet area, I stripped down and out of my dapper gear into something far more comfortable: CellBlock 13 jockstrap, socks, and combat boots. I'm pretty sure everyone was thankful for it, too! We were sponsored this year by PUMP underwear, JT's Stockroom, Petit Q underwear, Fleshjack, and so many others; so you know we rocked and represented everything given to us! Petit Q even printed our logo on the backs of their underwear!

glory hole photo booth with Dick Mitchell

We set up a glory hole photo booth with Dick Mitchell in the mezzanine for partygoers and performers to get their pictures taken, commemorating the big night, and forever documenting our debauchery! I even bought to dildos to attach to the wall, which were later pilfered by Leo Forte. God knows where those are now... Check out the rest of the photo booth pictures in our gallery here!

Bravo Delta, Levi Karter, and Eli Lewis

mr.Pam and Boomer Banks

Mr.Pam was hosting the VIP room upstairs all night long, coordinating pop-up porn acts, and causing trouble wherever she went. Luckily for me, she was able to come downstairs for our last interview of the night! The above picture with Boomer is definitely one of my top favorites of the night! Gotta love those two! Enema or tampon shots, anyone?

We definitely got a hot and horny crowd this year, and it was with some of them that I had the most fun throughout the night. Some of my friends were also able to attend, so I'd see them in a back corner or dancing away in the main room throughout the night. I snagged a studly tall ginger muscle bear from South Africa that night, pulled out his cock, and was delighted to be gagged by all 9x6 inches of it. If I didn't have to break down the sets at the end of the night I would have totally finished what we started and taken him home!

DJ Luther on the main dance floor

The great part about producing this event was knowing about every single act and performance that was going to happen. We scheduled regular shows throughout the night, one of which included wrangling a couple piss bottoms for the DJ Luther collective around 1:30am for them to unload their tanks. They didn't want to leave the booth unattended (even though there were two of them present and the closest restroom was 10 feet away) so I grabbed Boomer and threw him down on his knees.

power twinks Eli and Levi

If y'all missed out on the party this year, be sure to check out our event photo gallery here! HustlaBall Las Vegas is also around the corner and will be taking place on the 19th of January, which is coincidentally my birthday weekend! Until next we meet, be sure to follow my adventures and sexcapades on Twitter @EliLewisXXX (www.twitter.com/EliLewisXXX) or hire me (www.rentboy.com/EliLewis) for a night you won't soon forget!

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