Tuesday, April 9, 2013

No, I will NOT lower my rate!

"That's a bit pricey for me. Do you offer discounted rates?" Try asking that question to your phone company, local grocery store, or landlord, and get back to me when the answer is yes. We've all received variations of that question before, sometimes with an explanation as to why they're asking for or deserve a lower price. The most entertaining of which include requests from birthday boys, college students, and the self-entitled. While I love the bonus income, I'm not exactly hurting for more clients, and neither are any other escorts with whom I've had this conversation so it begs to ask the question, did you really think that was going to work?

Every escort has a fixed hourly, overnight, and weekend rate visible to the public and advertised on their page, so whenever we're met with surprise to confirm and asked to lower our price we roll our eyes and prepare for an incoming story. Here's the thing - we don't really care. You're wasting your time trying to convince us of something we're not going to do, so hang up and try your hand at another escort who fits your bill. This statement may sound harsh but it will only benefit you in the end - there are plenty of working fish in this sea of sluts.

So many slores, so little time.

There are however a few situations in which an escort's rate is negotiable, but those are often rare. The only instances in which I've allowed a discounted rate to even be discussed were when another escort and I were hired together by one of his regular clients, an hourly meeting that exceeded an overnight rate, and certain weekend trips. I am otherwise firm with my advertised prices and I don't plan on having a blowout sale anytime soon.

I am, by no means, dissuading the conversation from being brought up because we certainly keep the option open for regular and repeat clients. Just don't go thinking you can talk down the price upon your first call with some excuse - believe me when I say we've heard it all before. You're not the only one trying to pay off your rent.

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  1. From a clients perspective...an escort who will lower his rate is a red flag. I never ask them to, but occasionally they have offered and it was ALWAYS a bad experience. Stick to your guns and be worth top dollar to your clients!