Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trick Tuesdays at Hardware Bar NYC

The warmer it gets here in New York City, the more you see scantily-clad gays strutting about the streets in their short shorts and tank tops. The nightlife scene is starting to change with the weather as well, opening their roof terraces for happy hour at The Eagle NYC and Boxers Bar in Hell's Kitchen. The newest addition to the lineup of bars in the gayborhood is Hardware Bar. Pieces Bar's little sister, Hardware opened its doors to the refugays when that bitch, Hurricane Sandy, drunkenly spilled her cocktail on New York City. Earlier this week the venue opened its garage door to really let the spring in and invite patrons to a noon-9PM happy hour. $3 well drinks for nine hours every day of the week? Um yes, please!

Hardware's latest addition in its weekly lineup is Tr!ick Tuesdays, a weekly underwear party hosted by Shameless McGreedy and DJ Kimani Gordon. They bring in a special guest host every week to keep the party fresh and the party-goers wanting more. The party's tagline, "A husband is nice but something you just need a TR!CK" truly speaks to all who attend, with boys readily stripping down and ready to play. If you so happen to accidentally come upon this party and, for some reason, aren't wearing flattering shorts underneath fear not! Andrew Christian briefs are given out so that you can join in the fun, too!

Coming up on Tuesday, the 16th of April, we'll be serving up big-dicked tricks on a silver platter with my hubby Rafael Alencar, The Black Blackout Blog's Kareem McJagger, Cody Allen of, and Richard JMV. This is a party you definitely don't want to miss out so reschedule any prior commitments, hit the gym, and get ready to slap on your sexiest pair of undies, and join us for a night of nearly naked debauchery! I can't wait to grope y'all there!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! This Tues is going to be off the chain!