Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Meet Me At the Baths

One of my best friends planned on taking me out on a spa day for my birthday but, upon realizing that he forgot to book an appointment for us, led my slightly hesitant ass to one of New York City's bathhouses - the West Side Club in Chelsea. He'd previously gone to a bathhouse during a European excursion and thought it would be a fun alternative to a massage and facial. I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience and made sure to get other muscles of my body massaged while still managing to get a few facials in there.

Upon receiving our room and locker keys we stripped down and began to explore the area, discovering a labyrinth of private rooms, showers, and a dry sauna. He was expecting a more elaborate space which included a pool and several other facilities but I came into the experience without any expectations and found the venue to be far less intimidating than I had imagined. Granted we arrived there at 8PM on a Tuesday night and were only two of a handful of people slowly trickling in, but still I was happy to find it to be as comfortable as any dungeon I've had the distinct pleasure of frolicking in.

I honestly have no idea why I was so nervous about going in the first place. I've certainly faced far more daunting experiences in the past but a Saint Andrew's Cross gave me a greater sense of security and comfort than these showers and rooms with doors slightly opened to reveal a bare ass or stroking cock. The prospect of walking up to someone on their bed and having them reject my advances caused me to retreat to my private room in fear. After shaking off my unnecessary nerves I decided to take my first baby step by removing my towel and spreading it across my bed, laying out the lube and condoms on the bedside table, and propping the door slightly open to present my ass in the air for all to see.

My heart was racing in excitement as I watched passersby walk passed my room, peek in, touch themselves, and continue on. I was growing pretty hard myself, giddy in anticipation for my first experience. A dark figure appeared in front of my door and I could barely make out his face in the lighting. He entered the room and closed the door behind him. Turning to face me, he disrobed to reveal a handsome face of a man in his early thirties with a solid, muscular body whose pecs and tight abdomen were coated in glorious fur. Cock twitching in the air, he slowly made his way to me and pressed his dick against my willing lips.

Cock throbbing in my mouth, I could taste his sweet precum as he opened up my hole with two wet fingers. Ripping open a packet of lube and slipping on a condom, he propped me up on his dick so I could slowly lower myself onto him, allowing me to take control, and feel every inch of him inside me. Steadily increasing each stroke, he held me tight and kissed me as he stretched my hole open for the next five guys who would be entering me that night.

I returned to the front desk three times throughout the night asking for fresh towels as well as more condoms and lube. The guys who were working gave me a surprised look each time "Boy, you sure are going through these quick! Having fun on your birthday, then?" They had NO idea! I circulated between six guys returning to fuck me all night while a handful of men would enter for me to suck their cock or to eat me out. The savory six were made up of the first hunk of a man, a tall blond twink with a thick eight inch dick, a bear whose beer can cock tore me open time and again, a Brazilian stud who didn't speak a word of English but was compensated by knowing how to perfectly read body language, and a Cuban couple who took turns fucking me separately until finally coming over for a threesome.

It was getting pretty late and I hadn't eaten since lunch earlier that day so I showered off and left the West Side Club at around 11PM that night. Walking through the cold streets of Chelsea I noticed I was still hard as a rock and equally as horny so I text the gorgeous Nicko Morales and joined him for a few drinks as we got ourselves into even more trouble.The night was young, after all, and I was more than ready to take a few more cocks!

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  1. I'm sorry. I giggled a bit when you were talking about nerves and possible rejection. Reject you? Pssshaw.

    You should have seen me though ... 36 years old, far more overweight than I ever thought I would get, my cock locked in its stainless steel cage and being escorted (ahem) in by my Lover/Owner/Master, an exceedingly gorgeous 28 yo Japanese guy.

    I was a wreck ... until the first guy came along ...