Wednesday, January 16, 2013

T Minus Five Days Until My Birthday

Eight Plus Nine Really Is A Good Time

Now that I have your attention with the picture above of me getting fucked from both ends, I'd like to announce that my birthday is this coming Monday, the 21st of January! Are y'all getting me something from my Amazon wishlist? Wait, no, don't ruin the surprise! Something I haven't received since my seventeenth birthday was birthday sex, but the thing that made this sexcapade even better was the fact that it was my first ever threesome as well as the first time I ever saw and took a big dick with a Prince Albert piercing.

I was a sixteen year old high school student looking at potential colleges and, just as I was on a campus tour at San Diego State University, I locked in on my hunky tour guide. He was a typical college fraternity surfer dude from Southern California rocking long, shaggy blond hair and the latest Abercrombie & Fitch fashions paired with Rainbow sandals.
I stood up in attention upon noticing his equally blond happy trail that went down his six pack into his Calvin Klein underwear. I think I might just apply to this school. The tour ended and I asked him if he could help me out with my college entrance essays. Agreeing to do so, he invited me out to a coffee shop in San Diego's gayborhood: Hillcrest.
We met up one weekend and I made several forward as well as a few more subtle moves on him from "accidentally" brushing my hand against his to leaning my head on his shoulder as he reviewed some of the points in my essay. The day ended and he exclaimed, "You're a real cool bro! We should hang out sometime - know what? Come out to our next frat party," gave me fist bump, and drove away on his pickup truck. What the hell was that?!
Apparently he was serious about hanging out, so over the next few weeks we hung out with some of his friends in Ocean Beach, went out partying, and enabled my underage drinking with cheap liquor and even worse beer. When the eve of my seventeenth birthday rolled around he called me up and said there was going to be a huge house party on campus so I got ready and he helped me sneak out of my parents' house.
After the party we were both far too intoxicated to drive my ass back home so we stumbled to his dorm room to pass out for the night. I turned the television on as he grabbed his laptop so we could fall asleep to a movie. He sat back on the bed with his laptop opened to an XTube video of two guys jerking each other off. Thinking my foggy, drunken mind was playing tricks on me, I laughed it off and asked him what he was doing.
"What? You've never done that with another guy before?" Things were getting interesting so I tried my best to respond as convincingly innocent as I could in the negative. He grabbed me around the waist and pulled me up next to him, unbuttoning his jeans. "Dude, it's fine."
One thing led to another and before you knew it clothes were strewn about the room and his shaft was deep inside my throat. "Can I... fuck you?" he asked. Nodding, he scrambled to his bedside table for a condom until finally cursing, throwing on a pair of shorts, and exiting the room, "Gimme a sec. I'll be right back!" He returned a few minutes later with a handful of condoms which he threw onto the bed, slipped one on his cock, and slowly entered me.
Just as we were getting into a nice rhythm we heard a single knock on the door before his roommate came barging in, slightly stoned, and asking, "Yo, what are you guys-" Frozen for a good five minutes (although it was really only a few seconds - but it certainly felt that way), we stared at one another unsure of what to do next. His roommate broke the silence by slowly closing the door behind him and locking it, and my guy began slowly thrusting again and asked, "Is it cool if he watches?"
Shocked, I nodded as his roommate pulled out his growing dick bedazzled by a piece of jewelry. I was a little scared when he motioned for me to suck on it but quickly began slurping it up like a good bottom. Reaching for a condom on the bed, the roommate began to put it on, assuring me the condom won't rip. My guy dismounted and flipped me onto my back, pulling me up so I was leaning against his chest as he sat behind me, holding my legs open for his roommate's thick shaft to penetrate my hole. Kissing me he said, "Happy birthday, stud."
I've only ever had a string of hot threesomes since that day but never another Prince Albert, and definitely not on my birthday. As such, I decided to treat myself to an early birthday present this year by inviting over two guys with huge cocks to gag and plow me hard. In this series of videos I came to experience that 8 + 9 really is a good time! Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. Awww You've removed these from xTube? Dayum.

  2. I haven't, actually - a bunch of popular XTube videos are getting flagged and removed for some reason so I'm going to re-upload them on the site as well as on a different server. Sorry for the confusion!

    1. heya - any word on whether we're gonna see those vids again? from one gaysian to another: i love watching you get fucked! :)

  3. Porndawg that I am, I look forward to seeing these again. I love being the filling in a sandwich and love watching men who enjoy being the filling in the sandwich. What better way to serve cock?