Sunday, October 7, 2012

HustlaBall New York Preparations

Check out the full line up of your favorite porn stars and DJs at this year's HustlaBall New York 2012!

As we all get ready for tonight's HustlaBall New York 2012, let's take some time to prepare ourselves for the epic night to come with a standard to-do list. Some of the boys and I went out to grab any last minute gear from our favorite stores here in Manhattan and were discussing some of the key essentials to putting on a great show as well as enjoying the party. We're all so very excited to see y'all tonight and were horny with excitement at today's rehearsal, so I hope y'all are ready for the night ahead!

After grabbing some much needed lunch we made our first stop at Rainbows and Triangles in Chelsea to look for any hot underwear or shorts that we'd want to rock onstage. A few jockstraps later we stopped by Nasty Pig to say hi to Chris and my pocket Jew, Jay, and ended up finding our gear for the red carpet tonight so special thanks goes out to the Nasty Pig crew for always making the best stuff! Our last stop before parting ways and getting geared and ready for tonight was Universal Gear where I got my high tops for the night.

Thanks to NastyPig, Universal Gear, and Home Depot for gearing me up for HustlaBall tonight!

With the party only hours away I find it important to make sure you can not only keep up with the festivities but also enjoy yourself as much as possible which, first and foremost, means getting enough rest beforehand. I know that some of us boys with be shooting a special promotional video for HustlaBall titled "Disco Nap Orgy." For all of my bottoms out there y'all know the importance of cleaning out before any special engagement so make no exceptions for tonight. An enema is your best friend. No one wants to be known as that guy who makes a mess onstage for the cameras to see. As this is also a benefit for Callen Lorde we are all equipped with condoms, lubrication, and all other necessities in the back and encourage y'all to enjoy yourselves as well and always play safe!

With those key notes in mind, I can't wait to see y'all out tonight and look forward to meeting and greeting your beautiful, smiling faces. I know some of us are out at the gym bulking up right now but I'm happily posting this article from the comfort of my bed, ready to take a power nap before getting my harness on and heading down to the red carpet and VIP area of the venue. Don't forget to come to our official after party, Papa, at Amnesia which is just a few short blocks away from Club Rebel. Bring your game faces, y'all know I will!

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