Friday, April 18, 2014

Behind the Scenes of The Asiancy, Season 7

When Peter Le sent me the cast list of The Asiancy, Season 7 I was more than ecstatic to discover that Coda Filthy and I would once again be reunited and continue the shenanigans we started back in Season 6 - only this time we were the only twinks in the production! Joining us was a group of sexy performers including Jayden Ellis (with whom I performed at Black Party 2013), Santiago Figueroa, Jessie Lee, newcomer Davey Anthony, and two boys I haven't seen since Grabbys 2013: Diego Vena and Ray Han! With this cast assembled I knew we were going to have a blast filming in San Diego all weekend long! First, I had to actually get to California and thus began another round of #EliFlightAdventures on Twitter because I seem to have the worst luck when it comes to traveling!

The adventure began with flight delays (surprise!) which caused me to miss my connecting flight and arrive in not-so-sunny San Diego at around 11pm. Most of the boys had arrived earlier that afternoon and were having a few cocktails when we arrived after a death trap of winding mountain roads. Pouring myself a drink, I look out onto the back deck and notice a hot tub... surrounded by snow. Liquid courage got us naked and into warm waters where we spent our first of many nightly shenanigans. I was hoping to find the snow had melted overnight, but woke up to this instead.

Porn newcomer Davey Anthony was my first scene partner for the film and this boy tore it UP! He's versatile, but more bottom than top and warned me ahead of time that he's not the nicest of tops when it comes down to it. Little did I know that meant he wasn't going in easy and slammed into me upon initial contact, knocking the breath out of me - so we had to cut. Aside from that initial impact, he was a great scene partner (with an uncut cock and sensitive nipples, so those are both huge turn-ons for me) and I was lucky enough to be the only guy he would be topping that weekend.

Ray Han and I "rehearsing" before our scene for The Asiancy (via Instagram)

I wanted to make a point to document the entire weekend's behind the scenes shenanigans with all the boys and, with my recent discovery of YouTube Capture, was able to record most of our escapades and adventures as well as document the entire experience on Twitter. I encouraged the rest of the cast to promote the film by taking pictures during our down time and tweeting them resulting in everything from hilarious outtakes to sweet and intimate moments like these.

This is how Ray Han and I spend our downtime between shoots of The Asiancy (via Instagram)

The second day of filming was an absolute breeze. Jessie Lee and I had the first scene of the day and, having previously worked together, we knew exactly what got the other one off which resulted in an easy, seamless scene. We finished ahead of schedule which meant my ass could relax and take the rest of the day off to do whatever I wanted - which, for me, means I get to stuff my face without having to worry about bottoming.

A group of us had discussed going into San Diego one night after filming and, since Coda was leaving a day earlier than the rest of us, decided that a Friday night excursion into Hillcrest would be our best option. I tend to be the mama bird of the group, so I knew I had to get my beauty sleep in if I wanted to be on point tonight while still having some fun. At about noon, when I was halfway through my fourth meal of the day, I stretched out on the sofa and passed out while moaning and grunting sounds were going on all around me.

Rich's San Diego w/ the gang! (via Instagram)

When I woke up, the last scene of the day had just ended and Jayden was prepping dinner in the kitchen while the boys were getting ready for the night. Going through my phone contacts, I found the phone numbers of my cousins and notified them of my surprise visit to their neck of the woods hoping that I'd get to see at least one of them. Luckily for me my favorite cousin, Halima, who I haven't seen in over seven years was able to meet up and party with us all night long... or at least until everyone got too drunk to function and I had to shepherd them into the car and back to the house.

"Love is a burning thing, and it makes a fiery ring." (via Instagram)

We had an absolute blast during our night out in San Diego, with Ray Han and I flirting our way to free drinks and shots throughout the night. This boy is absolute trouble and I can't wait to see him again next month in Chicago for the 2014 Grabby porn awards! I was paired with the two largest cocks in the house on my last day of filming so I was both nervous and excited to be bouncing on their cocks. I knew I was going to be sore for days after, but where there's a willing bottom there's a way! Thank the gods for rehearsal, otherwise I don't know what I would have done with Santiago's huge cock just going straight into me without a warm-up round!

Shout-out to Ray Han and Santiago Figueroa for being amazing scene partners! (via Instagram)

I knew Ray Han and I were going to have a great scene together when I first saw our names listed together. We're both fun-loving, quirky characters who enjoy making people laugh. I am oftentimes the big joker of the group who cracks a joke in the middle of a group scene to ease the tension, often causing the cast and crew to require a break for their fits of laughter, so it was definitely welcome and refreshing to have another person do the same. I cannot wait for our scene to come out, we had an absolute blast making it and hope you all love it!

I always have a lot of fun when I'm out filming, but this was definitely one of my top favorite casts. Everyone was really easy to work with and we all had an amazing time on and off camera. With the porn awards in Chicago coming up soon, I'm super excited to see them all again to catch up and continue the shenanigans. Just look back at my Grabby awards experience from last year, you know it's going to be even bigger, better, and hotter this time around!


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