Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kiss Roseland Goodbye

The leather and the poppers
Let's go fuck in the backroom...

Oh, the things I do for love... we said goodbye to Roseland Ballroom this weekend after hosting the 35th annual Black Party, Rites XXXV at this historic venue. My first time performing at Black Party was at last year's Rites XXXIV which is when I met some of the most amazing performers and people I now call friends, so even though this was sadly our last year performing together under the space that started it all we celebrated our anniversary with a bang!

Let's go back a little and discuss the road to this year's Black Party by looking back at Friday morning leading up to the 2014 "Hookies" International Escort Awards at BPM in New York City!

and mr.Pam for NakedSword's latest film, The Pack

Austin Wolf and Eli Henry in front of the camera for their Hookies Awards video interviews

We started filming video interviews for some of the 2014 Hookies Awards finalists at The Out Hotel early on Friday morning to allow each participant sufficient time to run their interview, meet with clients, shoot their scenes, and get back in time for the awards show later that night. The interviews ran well, with each guy detailing their life and experience working as an escort and how it really helped them come into who they are today.

As we got deeper and juicier into the lives and stories of these amazing guys my phone would buzz with a finalist needing hotel and flight information, directions to the venue, prepping last minute details, etc. With all these interruptions I politely excused myself from the interview room to coordinate and keep everyone calm and on the same page.

Our friends are winning big diamond butt plugs! Yay! w/ Element Eclipse and Leo Sweetwood

Once the awards show started rolling things became a lot easier from the production end. We were all in the same space, presenters knew when to go up, finalists knew where to go, so all we had to do was sit back and let the show unfold but last minute confusion and stress was bound to happen. As Scott Bixby, writer for The Daily Beast, playfully noted in his review of the Hookies Awards, "Eli Lewis... the self-described "Pocket Gaysian" seems to be the only Hookies organizer who manages to stay on point." Well, what can I say? I work well under pressure!

Rafael Alencar and I share a kiss at BPM

After the awards show ended and I congratulated all of the winners (the full list can be found here), Hans Berlin, Brayden Forrester, and I made our way to Berlin Fridays where we met some of the other finalists for our Friday night after-party. Not-so-hilariously enough some of our jackets were stolen that night from poor judgment of leaving them unattended at a highly-packed nightclub. Bye, iPhone! Don't worry, though, I've since replaced it - but I did miss out on my full-day Powerboost on Saturday, several phone numbers given to me that night, and a handful of nudes which will be forever lost to all of us... womp womp.

photo credit: Jeff Eason

After some last minute shopping for my Black Party outfit I finally made my way to the performer entrance to set up my slaves for the Rentboy auction happening upstairs as part of the pre-show warm-up. Joined by Austin Wolf, Duncan Black, Tyler Wolf, Joseph Rough, Chris Harder, and Rify Royalty, we started a slow sensual show that grew in intensity, viewership, and raunchiness until I was on my knees with cocks surrounding me ready to be serviced.

I'm not really a fan of circuit parties. I don't like loud music, I'm not really one to dance to the thumpa-thumpa into the wee hours of the morning, those days are far behind me. I have the most fun when I'm hanging out with my friends downstairs in the backstage changing room where we dish on the past year's shenanigans and prep for our stage performances. It's a time to catch up, laugh, and fuck around with each other - as long as we save the money shot for the stage!

We Texan boys really feel at home at Flaming Saddles!

I left around 6am after my last performance set to try to get some rest and rally for Sunday after-hours party but I found myself far too exhausted and decided my hand was my best friend at this point in the morning. I met up with a few of the other boys later that day for a few celebratory cocktails and shenanigans, but apart from a pissing into a guy's mouth at the trough in The Eagle and later being publicly fucked over the bar by a newly met friend my Sunday was pretty lazy.

All in all, this was a weekend I won't soon forget and I can't wait to see what next year's show brings. The things for which I am most excited are to work with more of my friends in the weeks and months to come at upcoming video and photo shoots, live stage events, and what other tomfoolery life and opportunity throws our way. Until then, stay kinky!

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