Monday, January 20, 2014

ELI LEWIS Celebrates Twenty-Something Years of Tomfoolery and Shenanigans!

This time last year one of my friends promised me a spa day but instead took me to one of New York City's remaining bathhouses, The West Side Club - you can read up on the full sexcapade here. To keep the tradition of getting Eli laid on and around his birthday going, a few friends banded together to convince me that going to a sex party this past Sunday night to kick off my birthday week was a good idea. As with all new and foreign experiences, I was a bit apprehensive at first but took to it quicker than a duck to water. My lips are still chapped from all the cocksucking!

We arrived, stripped down to our skins, and made our way to the bar to scope the prospects. It was still early in the evening, so I wasn't too worried that there were exactly two guys for whom I'd bend over until he walked in. He stood about 5'10" and was taking off his Yale sweater when I noticed the tattoos that covered the entire right side of his body from his neck and shoulders, sleeved down to his wrist, and running down his obliques, leg, and ankle. Tattoos are a definite turn-on, but his piercing gaze that met my hungry eyes had me pre-cumming in lust and anticipation.

"Do you want to be my boy?" he asked; instinctively I replied with a "yes, sir" at which he laughed and told me not to bother with the unnecessary pageantry, told me to call him by his first name, and led me to the back room. He slipped on a condom and was preparing my hole for his thick cock when a crowd of guys closed in on us to watch the show. He looked down at me smiling, planted a kiss on my lips, and slowly stretched my willing hole open. Moans of ecstasy and pain escaped my mouth as he held me tightly and pushed deeper inside. "You're mine now," he whispered into my ear.

Needless to say I had a great time - we went back to his place and continued fucking into the wee hours of the night and stayed up laughing and talking. Who knew you could find a genuinely sweet, intelligent, and sexy guy who is also an amazing fuck at a sexy party, right? Happy birthday to me!

Come out and celebrate my birthday with me at one, or all, of the following events this week!

Tuesday, January 21st (my actual birthday)

LIVE Performances by Tony Orion, Alex Graham, and Alessio Romero
225 West 19th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues

Wednesday, January 22nd

NO COVER w/ Vodka Reception 10-11pm
DJ Lina Bradford, performance by Erickatoure Aviance
95 Delancey, on the corner of Ludlow and Delancey

Friday, January 24th

Alan Picus, Justin Luke, and Brandon Voss present BERLIN
NO COVER before 11pm w/ flyer; $10 after
Dark Room hosted by the CockyBoys
311 West 57th Street, between 8th and 9th Avenues

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