Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Restaurant Review: Hell's Chicken

I love to explore and try new things so when a new restaurant in my neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen (Midtown West in Manhattan, for those of y'all blissfully unaware) opened earlier this year I made a beeline for it and fell face-first into my plate. Hell's Chicken, a Thai barbecue restaurant playfully named after its specialty chicken dishes and location, was recommended to my roommate and I by a good friend. Our first impression upon walking in was not the artfully designed layout, full bar, or adorable logo printed on the menus, but instead by the gorgeous blond hair, blue-eyed beauty we had for a waiter... at a Thai restaurant. We hoped to hell that our food would taste as good as he looked!

I highly recommend trying their chicken katsu with white rice! Yum!

My roommate, Jason, and I were thoroughly distracted by our hot Russian waiter while we looked over the menu that we had to send him away to focus long enough to even read "Egg Roll (S: 2 pcs, L: 3 pcs)." The thing that caught our eyes were the words "Vegetable Fries," one of their appetizer dishes that included mixed vegetables battered, fried, and served to perfection.

Ordering their chicken katsu with white rice, mostly because I had no idea what a full udon was - let a long half udon - and was too embarrassed to ask, I sat back and ate my fried vegetables dipped in soy sauce, enjoying the deep fried, crunchy goodness. When our entrees were finally served, it was served with salad, corn, and mouthwateringly-prepared cutlets that, upon touching my taste buds, magically cured the hangover I had and had me wanting seconds.

It wasn't until a few days ago that I learned they delivered and could be ordered from Seamless, Delivery, and GrubHub! Why must they torture me, so? I can't order in every night, for crying out loud!

Hell's Chicken is located at 641 10th Avenue, between West 45th and West 46th Street, and you can contact them via phone at +1.212.757.1120. Go on, girl, get you some!

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