Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Get Ready to Be Serviced, NYC!

London's sexiest party finally hits New York City to serve a weekly dose of Room Service every Wednesday night at Tenjune in the Meatpacking District. The party released their first "sex tape" in the fall of 2011 to highlight the party's reputation for drawing in the hottest porn stars and queens dancing to the sickest beats brought to you by some of the most legendary House DJs. These videos are but a small glimpse of what the actual party has to offer. Are you ready to be serviced?

"Starting Wednesday February 13th, the infamous London club night begins it's weekly collaboration with US nightlife extraordinaire Patrick Crough, bringing you Room Service NYC. Week-after-week the party will bring a mix of the freshest and most legendary House DJs, a full-spectrum of New York's finest family on hosting duty, the filthiest porn stars...and YOU! Head downtown and downstairs into the Meatpacking District's hottest underground party space and lose yourself under a sky of flashing lights and heavy beats."

The latest sex tape of the series, Part 4: 'If You Ain't Got Soul,' previews the party's flare for the dramatic, the raunchy, and the fabulous in the very city that inspired the original London club. Maybe we'll even see the gorgeous Jodie Harsh make a special appearance in the weeks to come! There's absolutely no reason why you would want to miss out on the opening night of this queen of parties so I better see you there and you best be fierce!

Official Website: Room Service
Facebook page: /clubroomservice
Twitter: @roomserviceclub

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