Thursday, September 12, 2013

7 Days with Eli: Your Questions Answered

I've totally been slacking off on my promised 7 Days with Eli postings, I know. I apologize, but what can I do to make it up to y'all? Post more nudes? That's a given. I've accumulated quite a few questions in my inbox from my profile as well as Tumblr and the RentBoy blog, so I'll take this time to tell dish and tell all... in my undies, or less!

Alright, let's start with the most recent question comes from an anonymous user on
Q: "When are you cutting your hair? It's going from twink to tranny...don't you think?"

A: No, though I do think it's time for my stylist to trim and style this mane. I like my hair long and have had no reason to cut it short so until the day I get tired of it and have a Britney moment, am contracted to chop it off for work (either porn or dance related), or guys no longer want to pull on it as they fuck the lights out of me it's going to stay. Besides, would Samson have cut his hair?

In regards to all of the questions about where this threesome video can be found:

I'll go ahead and re-upload them to my XTube channel, but if they're taken down again you can always find them over on my DudesNude profile here ( I've been too busy to blog lately let alone film any videos, but I hope the rediscovery of those videos keeps y'all entertained until the next update!

Q: "Don't you worry about getting HIV or other STDs? I know you use condoms, but if you are sucking someone, the virus could be in the pre-cum fluid. How do you keep yourself safe? What about other escorts you know who do it full time?"

A: I can only speak for myself, both for my business and personal life, but there is no way to be absolutely safe when it comes to sex. Sex is always risky, no matter the precautions you take in your safer sex practices. This fact should be understood when you choose to have an active sexual life, so the only way to keep yourself free of disease and worry is to educate yourself on safer sex practices, HIV and STDs, get tested regularly, and discuss your status with your partner(s).

What kind of advice would you give to someone who's interested in becoming an escort? How does someone get started? Can you please share your experience?

I was recently asked the same question by by Nick (@thepornpup on Twitter) in an interview for his blog Give Me Gay Porn:
I would direct him to my blog post titled “So You Think You Can Hook?” 
I started escorting when I was nineteen years-old and it has been one of the best decisions in my life. I've met so many amazing people since and have learned a lot about myself and self-reliance. If you want to escort I say go for it; just remember that discretion and anonymity can only take you so far. New escorts often forget that everything has a shelf life and this isn't something in which you can build a reliable, long-lasting career so instead of blowing all of your new-found money save it for a rainy day when you’re not getting as many calls as you did when first you started. Have an exit plan: for how long do you want to be escorting, and to what ends? Do you have student loans to pay off or a business you want to start? Do you still think you've got what it takes? Go forth, spread your legs, and make me proud, young Padawan!

In regards to my involvement in the gay porn industry and plans to film with studios:

A few porn studios, directors, and performers have expressed interest in filming me but the biggest obstacle I'm coming across is my busy work schedule. I have a big boy job now, y'all! Hustlaball New York is coming up on the 13th of October, so we're gearing up for the big party and my first priority would be the execution of the event so I'll be more free in the fall. Stay tuned, boys and girls, my time will come soon enough. Make sure you have towels in hand!

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