Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gotta Love Those Click Rewards!

I have a weekly escort advice column on called Eli Lewis' Tuesday Tricks N Tips (But Just the Tip) where y'all can email me your questions, comments, and concerns about escorting and the industry at large and I answer them with the eloquence and wit of an esteemed sage. Last time we discussed Click Rewards and the benefits of linking one's advertisement URL in social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. As eloquent as I am in front of the camera, I included a written tidbit to the post to further elaborate on the basic principle behind loyalty clicks.

Click Rewards are a great way for advertisers to earn credit based on the number of hits they get on their ad. You earn a tally toward your credit for the end of the month whenever anyone clicks a direct link to your profile from an outside website, such as your blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. through a single IP address per week.

In other words, only one click from a single computer all week will give you click credit. All other clicks from the same computer will be disqualified until the next week.

The incentive behind this is earning a discounted promo code from getting so many loyalty clicks, up to $59.95 off on your next advertisement purchase!

I just saved $75.00 on a purchase! Yay, me!

The reason why I personally love Click Rewards is because I'm poor. No, but seriously, help me pay off my college loans by hiring me today. After accumulating your month's word of clicks, you are given a special promotion code you can use to discount your next purchased advertisement or Powerboost. The brilliant thing is that you can apply multiple codes to a single purchase and save a lot of money and even, as I show you in the picture above, get it all for free!

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