Monday, June 17, 2013

Gearing Up For Broadway Bares and NYC Pride Week

If you leave your puppies with me, good luck trying to get them back.

I really should have taken this weekend off, locked myself in my room, and hibernated from Friday afternoon to Monday morning. Jace Chambers being in town made it impossible for me to behave and be a good boy as we ran about the streets of Manhattan wreaking havoc and inciting raging boners within the shorts of many a man. What was originally intended to be a very low-key weekend of rest and puppy cuddling turned into a thoroughly exhausting, not to mention drunken, escapade resulting in me wearing yesterday's outfit at work today in what I like to call Walk of Shame chiq.

As some of y'all may know I had to undergo an emergency oral surgery two weeks ago to extract the impacted wisdom teeth I had attacking the right side of my mouth. I wasn't given any painkillers after the surgery and had to deal with both the swelling and mind-numbing pain which resulted from the surgery. It's been ten days and I'm thankfully feeling and looking a lot better - regardless of what any of y'all say chipmunk cheeks are not cute on me and I'm glad that we can put #EliOralAdventures aside... for now. I'm just glad I can eat solids and suck cock again!

Treat yourself to the perfect Pride gift! (

Even though my surgeon advised me against drinking alcohol and having sex for the duration of my initial healing I made it about one day before accidentally drinking a gin and tonic and about three days before getting pounded by a twenty one year-old. What matters most is that I tried! It was really difficult feeling attractive while the right side of your face had ballooned to a gorgeous size and you were feeling like an eighteen wheeler truck continuously crashed into your face with increasing intensity. That kind of pain subsided after five days, for which I was grateful, so in honor of my feeling better I thought I'd treat y'all to pictures far more attractive than a swollen face.

I don't usually play with these kinds of toys, but this is kinda fun!

When I'm not naked in front of the camera I'm often behind it as the production assistant, more often than not, distracting and making funny faces at the models. This weekend we shot Wendy Williams, with whom I had previously worked during New York Fashion Week earlier this year, for NEXT Magazine with three of New York City's fiercest queens Pixie Aventura, Alexis Michelle, and Miss Fame. Before I could introduce myself to her at hair and makeup she immediately exclaimed, "Oh, hi! Wow... are you one of my drag queens today?" That's a quote of the day if I ever heard one! She was really fun to shoot and I can't wait for the issue to be released in two weeks!

The most difficult thing I've had to endure this month leading up to Broadway Bares and NYC Pride was the fact that I physically can't go to the gym and/or workout because of my surgery. I'm hoping I can get back to regular exercise within the week because NYC Pride starts next week and my body is nowhere ready for me to strip down to nothing at a rooftop parade viewing party! It's unfortunate that I have to be nearly naked tomorrow night at WestGay for's Hustler Pride, but what other choice do I have? My body is good, but it can be greater - trust. Plus, I miss the endorphins!

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