Friday, June 21, 2013

A Very Cocky Hustler Pride 2013

This past Tuesday celebrated Hustler Pride 2013 at WestGay at WestWay with some of New York City's hottest porn stars, escorts, and go-go dancers including yours truly, Levi Karter, Boomer Banks, and Tyler Wolf. We had been prepping for this event for weeks, not only because New York City Pride was just around the corner but also because we are all thoroughly narcissistic and like to look good naked. I'm on a very strict diet where I don't eat anything until I feel like I'm about to faint whereupon I eat a cube of cheese. I'm only one stomach flu away from my goal weight!1

It had been raining for a good portion of the day which led me feeling lethargic. I was only able to perk up thanks to a tall blond roast from Starbucks and a tall blond twink by the name of Jett Black. We grabbed dinner and frozen yogurt to lift our spirits and proceeded to send SnapChat messages to our friends as we sat around my apartment watching Dance Moms, because apparently that's what one does on a Tuesday afternoon when it's raining outside.

When Levi finally arrived, Jett ran home and broke my heart by not coming with us to WestGay but I quickly forgave him since he did have an early call to work the next day. Setting up and stretching out for the night, Levi and I waited in sleepy anticipation for the party to start - maybe we should have cuddled upstairs and taken a nap before the night really got going, but Redbull would be our savior.

Finally stripping down to well - nothing, we proceeded to serve it up for the opening set and get the party pumped and going. DJ JonJon Battles threw down some sickening beats for us to twerk out and we took full advantage of our magnetic chemistry with one another to attract the crowd and have them staring at our gyrating bodies moving in sync. Two pups are certainly better than one, am I right?

Austin Wolf, Wolfy, Tommy Defendi and a few other hot studs showed up throughout the night to party with, molest, and shove cash into our jockstraps and underwear throughout the night. Tommy and I somehow managed to miss each other in Chicago for the Grabbys porn awards last month, so it'd been a long time coming since our last session at the RentBoy XXXmas party in December. I missed that boy with the ferocity of a hungry bottom recently single after being in a long-term monogamous relationship with a prostate-pounding top.

I woke up, still drunk, the next day, rolled over, and found a naked Paraguayan sleeping next to me - not at all a bad way to wake up in the morning. I was too out of it to even function, so I crawled back into a fetal position, fell back asleep, and woke up with the same 5'4" Latino boy on my back with both Cassidy and Shelby on either side of us. Pets... what are you gonna do?

Cass and Levi proceeded to wrestle in the living room while I slowly recovered from last night's debauchery, drinking water, popping Ibuprofen, and cursing the sunlight for blinding me.

Shelby and I were on the same page and were having none of this tomfoolery.

You know you were at a good party the previous night when you can't remember quite what happened or how you got home and suffer for hours on end the next day... or something like that. It took awhile for us to get up off our asses and the floor, put on clothes, and head out to lunch in an attempt to cure our mind-numbing hangovers. I can't really complain, though, Levi's ass in the air is a marvel to behold, and arguably a better lunch than you'll get at any restaurant.

Unfortunately he had to go into work so we parted ways and I took a much needed nap. I woke up to the obnoxious ringing of my phone and was ready to throw it at the wall to shut it up until I saw the name of the caller: Jett Black. "Hey, can I come over?" Did he really have to ask? I was more than thrilled to have my blond beaut over, especially with my hangover well and gone by that point, so we caught up on the night before, cuddled with the kitten and puppy, and excitedly talked about the upcoming pride week. I'll tell y'all this now - but it's going to be one hell of a party!

All good things have to come to an end, so after stealing my computer to "do some work" (look at porn), Jett made his leave for home and left a throbbing pulse down in my pants. We're planning on collaborating with my roommate, Jason Courson, to film and produce some YouTube videos but up first is Broadway Bares this Sunday for which we are more than excited!

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