Monday, June 3, 2013

2013 Grabbys and IML Roundup

jockstraps ✓ dildos ✓ fleshjack ✓ Alright, I'm ready for Grabbys and IML weekend!

I was a little nervous about what to pack for the Grabbys and IML weekend, so I trusted the Internet and asked my trusted followers who told me that it had been blazing hot in years past so all I would really need were a handful of shorts, tank tops, and jockstraps. Condoms, lube, and all other props can be easily acquired once in Chicago so I threw a handful of them in my carry-on bag for the flight over and was ready to roll out!

I landed in Chicago Wednesday afternoon and was greeted by a storm which prevented ground personnel from coming out onto the tracks and retrieving us from the plane, prompting an hour and a half of being held hostage at ORD and another hour stuck in traffic. When I got to my hotel room at the Hard Rock all I wanted to do was get naked and nap the day away, but there was a city to be explored and the men of Chicago to bait and lure back to my room.

I definitely have to give a big shout out to the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago for having some of the most diligent housekeeping ladies. My room was constantly wrecked and filled with nearly naked boys throughout the day but they didn't miss a beat or a spot when getting my stage back up and ready for another night of debauchery. I accidentally left out my collection of dildos in the sink one morning and was walking back into my room after grabbing brunch with some of the boys just as one of the cleaning ladies was finishing up, "Have fun this weekend, but be safe!" she exclaimed, closing the door behind her. She organized my dildos neatly along the bathroom counter.

I was more than ecstatic to be able to run into and have dinner with J.P. Barnaby who I hadn't seen since HustlaBall New York last year and met up with her and Perry Cavalari for dinner where I learned to keep the boy in site and on a leash for fear of losing him to a leather dom. I then had to skiddadle and hop straight to Hydrate Bar where I was dancing for Chi Chi LaRue's Grabbys kickoff party with some of my favorite boys including Christopher Daniels, Draven Torres, Hans Berlin, Zack Taylor, and of course the gorgeous Levi Karter. It was also great being able to meet and greet fans between sets, take a few shots with them, and generally get into shenanigans. Y'all were awesage!

Gay porn's hottest new power couple: Eli and Levi

The CockyBoys really made my weekend a lot of fun with me and Levi Karter dancing at Chi Chi LaRue's Grabbys kickoff party at Chicago's Club Hydrate alongside Hans Berlin who was whipping his huge cock at our faces downstairs, Christopher Daniels and Drake Jayden holding down the puppy fort, and a gaggle of other hot dancers shaking their asses and bouncing around onstage and the dance floor. The CockyBoys made their appearance at Hydrate the night after so I got to chase around and play with Bravo Delta, Jett Black, and Ricky Roman before our hotel shenanigans ensued over the weekend. I'd also like to point out that Bravo and I represented Team Hairy Chest with pride!


After a day of drunken adventures around downtown Chicago I invited the boys up to my room at the Hard Rock Hotel, which was an easy elevator ride up for them as we were all staying at the host hotel. We were all easy access for one another as the next cute guy was only an elevator ride away - just picture a bunch of porn boys walking around the hotel in various forms of undress making their way from one trick to the next, possibly filming said sexcapades like Levi Karter and I were doing all weekend (video footage to come!).

Eli Lewis, Levi Karter, and Jake Parker

Ricky Roman thought it would be a great idea to let some air in and open the window in my room on the 31st floor. Max Ryder, upon sticking his head out the window and seeing a spider, freaked out and began yelping a high-pitched squeal calling for us to find and kill the insect, causing a ruckus and prompting the Twitter hashtag "#SpiderAttacksCockyBoys." Bravo and I tried to capture every hilarious moment of the night including Max using the curtains as a dress and rolling around the floor, but were unsuccessful in capturing the famed freak out. Oh well - there's always a next time!

Despite having been in Chicago a few days before the actual Grabbys porn awards show on Saturday it was still very difficult to match schedules and meet up with some of the boys I really wanted to see - like Brayden Forrester, Rafael Alencar, Vito Gallo, and Ryan Raz. Fortunately me and my cameras were able to catch them at the awards show for a quick interview, reunion hugs, way too many cocktails, and behind the scenes gropes. I was able to finally edit and post a few videos on RentBoy's YouTube page so check out the blog for updates as they go live!

Eli Lewis and Levi Karter heat things up hosted a party at our suite on our last night in Chicago which quickly led to a bunch of drunk boys back in my hotel room (surprise!). I vaguely remember turning the camera on, but quickly forgot about it, so when I started pulling files to my computer to begin editing footage I was more than pleasantly surprised and horned up to find some behind the scenes sexcapades that went on that night. Give a boy a camera, booze, and a room full of hot, naked porn stars, and a sex tape is what you'll get! There's only so much I can release of it on YouTube so stay tuned for the XTube release of our shenanigans at the Hard Rock Hotel!

The pup has landed (and is clearly VERY happy about it).

After a week of full on debauchery I was ready to head back home to New York where the adventure never ends. After all, a lot of the boys with whom I had a lot of fun in Chicago either live in the Big Apple themselves or will be passing through very soon. I'm still editing a lot of the footage from Chicago, but am very happy with and excited about all of them. Thanks again to for sending me out this year, I only wished I did a daily blog to keep y'all updated on the daily shenanigans because, believe me when I say, there's way too much to tell! Stay tuned for the videos!

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