Monday, May 20, 2013

Profile Highlights and Dudes Nude - Meet WOOF!

I used to do profile highlights and dubbed the guys I promoted as my "Hottie of the Week." Readers who have been following me for years are requesting this be reinstated into the blog and I agree that it would be a great idea, so here's the first round of my favorite studs on and offline!

WOOF is a deliciously tanned, tight, and handsome Middle Eastern guy I came across (and all over) on While his profile may be on the minimalistic side, his pictures definitely speak for themselves. One of the reasons why I absolutely love DudesNude is their verification feature which marks profiles as VERIFIED if the user sends in a picture of them holding a specified code particular to their profile, allowing website administrators to verify that the profile belongs to the actual user. It really cuts the crap and lets you avoid catfishes.

Check out WOOF's DudesNude profile right here!

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