Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"What's the difference between prostitution and escorting?"

You may have come across text similar to the above-pictured disclaimer when browsing through RentBoy ad pages which reminds consumers the foundation upon which escorting was built: the purchase of one's personal time in exchange for monetary compensation. It's easy to associate the terms escort and prostitute with one another and consider them mutually exclusive because their definitions are somewhat blurred in that gray area of uncertainty. Very much like any other profession, the difference between prostitution and escorting is the provided service. A prostitute engages in, agrees to, or offers sexual conduct for money or something of value, whereas an escort offers their time and companionship.

It's really that simple. As noted by the Sex Workers Project,
In New York, "sexual conduct" includes vaginal, anal, or oral sex, hand-jobs or fingering. Other acts are in a "grey area" - the court could decide it is prostitution if there is touching and it is "oriented toward sexual gratification."
The wording and execution of your intended and advertised services is what can make or break your business, so be smart about it. If you take anything from this article it should be that escorts are paid for their time and companionship. The events and activities that transpire within that allotted time occur between two consenting adults and is not the service for which he or she is hired. I've had sex with my plumber, chiropractor, and personal trainer - just to name a few service professionals. I hired them, not for their talents in the bedroom (against a wall, on the office desk, or exercise mat), but for their respective talents in fixing my kitchen sink, healing and conditioning my injured leg, and helping me achieve my fitness goals. When it comes down to it we are all just a bunch of sluts who offer our services in order to make a living so keep calm and rent boys.

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One of my favorite quotes comes from Samantha Jones (Sex in the City, Season 1 Episode 8 - 1998) who said, "Money is power. Sex is power. Therefore money in exchange for sex is simply an exchange of power." Unfortunately (not to mention annoyingly) we cannot use that defense in a court of law so it's imperative for every escort to know his or her rights so as to protect him or herself from unlawful arrest and prosecution.

For more information and additional resources please visit the Sex Workers Project ( and HOOK Online (

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  1. That defense didn't work for Bill Clinton either.