Monday, April 15, 2013

So You Think You Can Hook?

Money can't buy love, but the rest is negotiable.

I'm finding that a lot more people are open to hooking these days. My being so honest and upfront about my sextra-curricular activities definitely entices people to ask me questions regarding the world's oldest profession, and a lot of these inquiries are on getting started as an escort. But before you log online and create an ad on there are a few things you should ask yourself.

The latest message comes from a sexy little fucker in New York City which reads,
As a recent college graduate in Manhattan who is in dire need for money these days and has been considering such things as getting in the RentBoy circuit, what advice can ya offer? These downtown apartments are too damn expensive.
First of all you should call me. I need you in my bed naked and gagging me with your fat cock. Secondly, escorting is a great way to explore your sexuality and get paid doing it. There are a lot of different ways to get yourself out there from back page ads to a plethora of online websites that host escort pages so please allow me to direct you to the leading social networking website for escorts and masseurs, "Is it worth the upfront payment?" Totally. The site receives a lot of heavy traffic from all over the world and is the most well-known platform from which potential clients can hire their fantasy by the hour. The fee to have your advertisement placed on the site is nothing compared to the attention your profile will receive and the clients you'll have lined up.

Once On the Internet, Always On the Internet
As much as I advocate sex work and the industry at large, the general public isn't too keen on or understanding so ask yourself if you're ready to have your name and face associated with it. You can be completely discreet about your business but someone you know is bound to come across your profile, and word travels fast. Are you prepared to deal with the potential consequences and social stigma in being a RentBoy?

Shelf Life
Although I know several escorts who have been hooking for decades, it's important to recognize your short and long-term goals in this industry and come up with an exit plan. This isn't exactly a profession that offers job security and what happens when the calls and emails begin to slow down and finally just stop? We all have an expiration date, but it's your call when to throw in the towel and hang up your hooker hat.

Save Up For A Rainy Day
I know many guys who have fallen prey to "Instant Wealth Syndrome," so I remind new escorts to manage their money with care. It's easy to overspend with the sudden increase to your income but planning ahead and putting some of it away will benefit you in the end. You don't want to live  from client to client, waiting for the phone to ring just so you can have cash in your pocket. Escorting should be supplemental, not the primary source of bacon you're taking home.

If You've Got It, Flaunt It
My momma always told me to show off my best assets, and this is no time to be modest. Everyone loves a smile so put up your best pictures to make you stand out and shine. Looking through the other RentBoy ads to get an idea of the content people post is a good way to tailor your own advertisement as well. Just like you would in a dating profile, putting up clear and recent face and body pictures gets you more attention and increases the chances of potential clients booking you.

Don't Be An Asshole
Daddy's Reviews is the Yelp of escorting. Clients can and will write testimonials about you if you were an awful, cunty mess, so put your best foot forward. A good attitude and friendly demeanor go a long way and will get you hired again if not recommended to others. One of my biggest pet peeves is people not doing their job properly - a rude and inattentive waitress will not only be losing her tip, she'll also receive a complaint and potentially lose her job. The same goes for escorting - you were hired to be someone's companion for  the discussed amount of time. Play nicely, stop watching the clock, and give your undivided attention to your John. You are getting paid to be here, after all.

I certainly hope that helps you get your business off the ground. Now go forth, little bird! Spread your slutty wings and fly! Happy hooking!

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