Monday, March 18, 2013

The Countdown to Black Party 2013 Begins!

It's been one hell of a month! The Hookies Awards and Black Party are only five days away and all of the hottest porn stars and escorts are slowly trickling in to New York City for what is going to be the most fun (and thoroughly exhausting) weekends of the year! I've been busy in pre-production for the awards show and Black Party performances so, while I would have loved to be having more sex on and off the screen, I haven't had the luxury of free time to myself. I have, however, been working on a few projects as of late that I want to bring to y'all's attention if you have not already seen them.

I've been interviewing some of the nominees in each category of the Hookies Awards for and even managed to film three of them with the help of Jason Lee Courson. One of my favorite interviews was with my Brazilian lover, Rafael Alencar, who turned on the charm and shock factor when he revealed some of his secrets in a very telling interview for his Best Cock nomination.

What was the most outlandish request or experience you had while escorting?I've fucked many Catholic priests in my life, many husbands have asked me to have sex with their wives, and many wives have asked me to have sex with their husbands, but only once have I ever had sex with the entire family! 
I made my way through the mother, father, their daughter, and two sons - first taking their daughter, then the father followed by the mother, their eldest son, until I finally got to the youngest son who was twenty-four years old. There were quite a lot of people to get through, but me and my dick managed to get to each one in a different room so they never saw one another. 
When I finished with them all and met them downstairs in the living room, I was paid for my time and we continued on talking about food and movies as if the last few hours didn't even happen. It was a little distracting since I knew that they were all still lubed up and didn't bother cleaning up until after I left. Oh, there was one more member of the family - their dog, but I decided to skip this one.

I've been a very busy boy, but rest assured I haven't forgotten my wicked, little blog! I'll definitely be posting updates and behind the scenes footage this coming weekend. If you want to stay up to date with me on my latest sexcapades and adventures, follow me on Twitter @EliLewisXXX - especially since I'm banned from Facebook for another two weeks.

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